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Purging One-Time-Dates

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To Purge One-Time-Dates that are in the past and are no longer needed (or that you wish to replace by re-importing them from an Excel file), use the Purge One-Time-Dates menu item from the one-time-dates toolbar menu.


Purging deletes one-time-dates from the currently-selected holidays set. You cannot purge one-time dates from more than one holidays set at the time.


The options available in the Purge One-Time-Dates dialog, shown on the right, are:


All dates of set: purges (deletes) all the one-time-dates, past and future, of the current holidays set.

In the range of dates from to: purges the one-time-dates, of the current holidays set, which fall in a specified range of dates (inclusively).


When to Purge ?


Unless you have a lot of one-time-dates, accumulated over many years, there is rarely a need to purge one-time-dates, just to keep the database smaller.


Purging of one-time-dates is not necessary, per se, even if you are connecting to the database server via the internet. The default setting of false for the future dates only setting of the one-time-dates tab, ensures that only the one-time-dates relevant to current and future diaries will be loaded from the database server.


The main reason why you might want to purge one-time-dates would be because you want to re-import them from an Excel file, after having exported them, and tweaked them in Excel.


Alternatively, you may want to purge all holidays sets which are no longer used by any script, which would also delete any one-time-date contained in these holidays sets which no longer serve a purpose.


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