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Holidays Rules have been modified

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The source of this message will be highlighted when you click on this message, and can be:


any of the aeiou-holidays properties, including holidays override.

the variable dates property of Inserts.

any of the holidays sets associated with saints and/or namedays in saints and namedays options.


The cause of this message is one of the following:


One of the holiday rules of one of the holidays sets contained in the source property has been modified.

The properties of one of the holidays sets used have been modified. This is a triggered since the symbol font and muslim calendar of the holidays set are used by all its holidays.




This message is only generated under the above circumstances. If a holiday rule for a holidays set not used in any of the scripts properties is changed, you will get a simple hint.


The holidays of your output file could be wrong (different from the latest rules that you saved).


While this can be acceptable for testing, you really should address this message before generating the final diary.




Re-generate Holidays: selecting this option will automatically regenerate the list of holidays occurrences.


Topic 015012, last updated on 22-Mar-2021