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Special Character Markers - InDesign

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Special Character Markers usually represent non-printing characters, and can be used anywhere in where you would put text, such as in holidays names, slogans text, saras, holidays options, ...


As compared to tokens, these markers are not framed by braces, and they begin with an ampersand (eg: &n ).

If you wish to include an ampersand as plain text (not as a special characters token) then you should use its ASCII value, namely &038.

Some of the special characters are common to both QuarkXPress and InDesign, and some are specific to InDesign only.


The following tables list the available Special Character Markers, when using InDesign to generate a diary or calendar:


Markers Common to InDesign and QuarkXPress


The following table lists the available special character markers, that are common to InDesign and QuarkXPress:


Special Characters


Non-Breaking Special Characters


Hard Return



Nonbreaking Hyphen


Soft Return



Nonbreaking Space





Nonbreaking Flex Space


Right Indent Tab



Narrow Nonbreaking Space


Indent Here





ASCII Characters





Discretionary Hyphen





Discretionary Line Break





Next Column





Next Linked Box





En Space





Punctuation Space





Flex Space (Quarter em)





Figure/digit Space






Markers Specific to InDesign


The following special character markers are accessible by their InDesign-specific hexadecimal value:


Hard Space

non-breaking, justifying space (same as &!s above)



Zero Space Break


Narrow No Break Space

non-justifying non-breaking space (same as &!f above)



Zero Space No Break


Em Space

typically the width of a capital letter M



Zero Width Non Joiner


En Space

half the width of an em space



Zero Width Joiner


Third Space

one‑third the width of an em space



Unicode Hyphen


Quarter Space

one‑quarter the width of an em space



No Break Hyphen (same as &!h above)


Sixth Space

one‑sixth the width of an em space



Discretionary Hyphen


Figure Space

same width as a number



Figure Dash


Punctuation Space

same width as an exclamation point, period, or colon



En Dash


Thin Space

one-eighth the width of an em space, a good choice on either side of an em dash



Em Dash


Hair Space

one‑twenty‑fourth the width of an em space



Horizontal Bar


Flush Space

adds a variable amount of space to the last line of a fully justified paragraph





Markers in the Q++Studio User Interface


Most of the special character markers, displayed above cannot be previewed in the editor used to display holidays names, one-time-dates names, slogans text , GenTokens repeated text, or MonthHeader text, and therefore they are converted during diary generation by InDesign and/or QuarkXPress, and always appear as tokens in the Q++Studio user interface.


See also: QuarkXPress special character markers.


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