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Working with Arabic Text in QuarkXPress 2023-2024

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Beginning with version 2023, QuarkXPress offers some degree of native support for Arabic, though justification (kashidas) are still only partially implemented, as far as we can tell.


Future developments


Depending on the evolution of the technical implementation of Arabic support in future versions of QuarkXPress, we may decide to extend our own support of Arabic, as implemented for QuarkXPress versions 8-2022, to future versions of QuarkXPress.


For the moment, the Q++Studio run-time Arabic support for QuarkXPress 8-2022 has been extended to QuarkXPress 2023-2024.


This page will be updated as additional information is available for the general public.


See also: working with Arabic text in QuarkXPress 8-2022 and working with Arabic text in InDesign.


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