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The qppstudio Worldwide Public Holidays Database

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The qppstudio worldwide public holidays database contains the worldwide bank and public holidays for all 197 countries and 48 semi-autonomous territories of the world, and is included in the Q++Samples folder of the holidays manager.


Recurrence Rules


This database of worldwide public holidays is made up of recurrence rules (such as: Good Friday = 2 days before Easter) so that, based on today's national public holidays legislation and traditional rules, you could use the current database of recurrence rule of Q++Studio, to immediately calculate world holidays for the next 100 or even 200 years.


Deepavali in Singapore

Deepavali in Singapore


Changes to Rules and Legislation


However, in real life, the rules for celebrating holidays do change; some are added, some are removed, some are renamed, ...


For a glimpse at recent changes in worldwide public holidays, see this page.


To ensure that the  Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database always remains up-to-date, we constantly monitor worldwide news sources, and government sources, to ensure that the rules that are contained in the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database always remain up to date.


You can use the Q++Studio Worldwide Public Holidays Database updater to ensure that your Q++Studio system has all the most up to date rules of the worldwide public holidays.


To update the rules of international public holidays, used in your own recurring holidays sets, use the holidays synchronization.


Linking your holidays to the Worldwide Public Holidays Database


You can link any of your holidays sets as well as link any individual recurring holiday to the Worldwide Public Holidays Database.


Mobile Phone Access


The qppstudio worldwide public holidays database can also be accessed using our free apps for Android or iPhone and iPad.


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