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• Macau (Mar 30) Macau 2018 Public Holidays Announced   • Kyrgyzstan (Mar 29) Kyrgyzstan May 2017 Public Holidays Amended   • Ukraine (Mar 28) Ukraine Mulls Mulls May 2 Public Holiday Cancelation   • Germany (Mar 27) Germany Bremen Public Holidays Extension Update   • Iran (Mar 26) Iranian 2017-2018 Public Holidays Announced   • Nepal (Mar 25) Nepalese 2017-2018 Public Holidays Gazetted   • Paraguay (Mar 24) Paraguay Senate Votes Public Holidays Legislation Amendments   • Puerto Rico (Mar 24) Puerto Rico 2018 Public Holidays Announced   • Bangladesh (Mar 23) Bangladesh 2017 Bank Holidays Announced   • Laos (Mar 22) Laos 2017 Public Holidays Extended   • Honduras (Mar 21) Honduras Announces Holy Week 2017 Public Holidays   • India (Mar 20) Indian Andhra Pradesh Also Mulls Ugadi Public Holiday Change   • Guernsey and Alderney (Mar 19) Guernsey 2018 Public Holidays Announced   • Spain (Mar 18) Spain 2018 Murcia Public Holidays Announced   • Russia (Mar 17) Russian 2018 Public Holidays Announced   • Saint Kitts and Nevis (Mar 16) St. Kitts and Nevis 2017 Public Holiday March 23   • Uzbekistan (Mar 16) Uzbekistan Public Holiday March 20   • Costa Rica (Mar 15) Costa Rican Public Sector Holidays April 8-16   • Indonesia (Mar 15) Indonesia Prepares 2018 Public Holidays   • Myanmar (Mar 14) Myanmar 2017 Public Holidays Changes Confirmed   • East Timor (Mar 14) Timor Leste Public Holiday March 20-21   • Kyrgyzstan (Mar 13) Kyrgyzstan March 2017 Public Holidays Amended   • Australia (Mar 12) South Australia Adelaide Cup Public Holiday Update   • Bhutan (Mar 11) Bhutanese Public Holiday March 11   • Macau (Mar 10) Macau Declares Additional 2018 Public Holidays   • Myanmar (Mar 10) Myanmar Mulls 2017 Public Holidays Changes   • South Sudan (Mar 9) South Sudan Public Holiday March 10   • UK (Mar 8) UK Mulls Queen Sapphire Jubilee Public Holiday In 2017   • Hungary (Mar 7) Hungary Votes 2017 Public Holidays Amendments   • Seychelles (Mar 6) Seychelles Public Holidays Amendments Official   • Nauru (Mar 5) Nauru Public Holiday March 8   • India (Mar 4) Indian Telangana Mulls Ugadi Public Holiday Change   • Curaçao (Mar 3) Curacao 2017 Public Holidays Announced   • Suriname (Mar 2) Suriname Public Holiday March 13   • South Korea (Mar 1) South Korean 2018 Public Holidays Announced     Previous dates: here

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We offer the following free subscriptions to email and RSS content covering worldwide public holidays news and updates. This content, and its update frequency, correspond to those obtained by the world's foremost diary and calendar publishers, using Q++ Studio which includes the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database of predictive rules which can be used to calculate the public holidays of any country of the world, for any year in the future.

Today's Worldwide
Public Holidays


The list of the public holidays observed today. Feed is updated every morning.
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This Week's Worldwide
Public Holidays

The list of countries that observe a public holiday, this week. Feed is updated every Monday morning, and updated regularly, during the week, whenever last-minute changes occur in the world's public holidays.

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Worldwide Public Holidays News and Updates

The professional source of worldwide public holidays news.

News, updates and analysis, covering all the countries of the world, based on a daily review of over 300 online newspapers, government sites, and institutional sources, with references to past events, drawn on a decade of experience following worldwide public holidays, to place current events in context, and anticipate on possible future changes.

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Current subscribers to our newsletters hail from well-known global organizations in fields as diverse as: banking and finance (ABN-Amro, Barclays, Chase, Crédit-Suisse, Goldman-Sachs, HSBC, ING, ITG, J.P.Morgan, Julius Baer, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered), transport and logistics (Amadeus, Aramex, DHL, EADS, Europ Assitance, Expedia, Fedex, Kuehne+Nagel, Maersk, SAS, TNT, UPS, Western Union), the petroleum industry (BP, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Statoil), news and publishing (Asian Geographic Journal, the India Times, Lonely Planet Guides, McGraw-Hill, the New England Journal of Medicine, Reuters, Thomson), the IT industry (Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, Google, Microsoft, Océ, Oracle, Samsung, Siemens), global consulting (EDS, KPMG), pharmaceuticals (Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Merck), telecommunications (BT, Telefocal, Verizon), retailing (Abercrombie and Fitch, DFS, Macy's), as well as governmental agencies and NGOs (Save the Children, the United Nations, the US Navy, the World Bank).


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In addition to the above subscriptions to Q++ Studio content, we can recommend the following free subscriptions from external sites which cover information that we do not cover (please note that the content and opinions expressed in these newsletters and websites are totally independent of ours):

  • ASI Hot Spots: A free daily intelligence briefing of relevant world events, which allows you to keep on top of developing events that include: terrorist threats, political strife, strikes, criminal activity, aviation incidents and health outbreaks; all in one concise report.

  • Council on Foreign Relations: The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a non-partisan think-tank, offers a variety of email newsletters about up-to-date material on what’s happening around the world.

  • IFES Elections Newsletter: Proposes both a weekly newsletter with election-related news from around the world and election news and information tailored to your specific country interests.

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