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Picturebox Options

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Property of the script line: PDF Pages.


The Picturebox Options are used to specify the picturebox alignment to use for the PDF File used in a PDF Pages script line.



Different settings can be specified to be used for PDF pages inserted into a left or right output page.


If a diary is generated with the facing pages option turned off, then all pages will use the Left Pages and Single Pages settings.


Bounding Box


Bounding Box options in QuarkXPress and InDesign

Bounding Box options in QuarkXPress and InDesign

The Bounding Box option corresponds to the same name option in the QuarkXPress, Import dialog used to import PDF and other graphic files, or to the Place command of InDesign, as shown in the image on the right.


Usually, you would use either the MediaBox or the TrimBox options (the 2 other options are often undefined in many PDF files).


The MediaBox contains the full PDF page, including, if present, any bleed and crop marks.

The TrimBox corresponds to the size of the final, trimmed, page. As such, if any bleed was included in the PDF, it will be trimmed-off (not present).


Use the MediaBox, in cases where the PDF contains some bleed (see sections below). In other cases (when there is no bleed, you may find that the MediaBox and the TrimBox are the same.


Default (no bleed)


If the page size, of the PDF file you wish to use, is the same as the current script page size, then you should use the Top left (no stretch) setting, above, and in the PDF Pages Options property dialog, you should use the No bleed setting.





If the PDF file you wish to use contains bleed, then you would first specify the extent to which the bleed extends, away from the page, using the Use bleed settings in the PDF Pages Options property dialog. Then, in the above dialog, you would select the Specify Values setting, and then use the Offset values that position the PDF correctly with respect to the final print page.


See also: PDF Pages Options.


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