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Q++Studio Release Notes 2012

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2012.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



December 31, 2012 (build 13766)


New and Improved


(Unicode) Re-designed and improved the Character Selection Dialog to give easy access to all the existing Unicode character ranges.

Added code to provide a clean error message when the result of a macro call to FormatText or FormatParagraph is overwritten due to improper programming of a macro which uses either of these functions (Brunnen, 1-dec-2012).


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode) Fixed a rare bug which would occur during holidays generation whenever some rarely-used features had been used beforehand. (Lecas, 13-dec-2012).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the handling of the tokens of languages that had more that one level of parent (Quo Vadis, 3-dec-2012).



November 30, 2012 (build 13716)


New and Improved


Improved the speed of Script Verification, particularly for scripts with multiple DiaryGridLines.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the user interface of the Diary Generation Progress Dialog which would freeze when the option View Messages was selected (Brepols, 16-nov-2012).

Fixed a few bugs in the Holidays Synchronization dialog and process. (Brunnen, 06-nov-2012).

Fixed a minor user interface glitch in the Holidays Generation dialog whereby the progress bar would not exclude sample holidays from its calculation, even if the option to skip sample holidays was set.



October 31, 2012 (build 13622)


New and Improved


In multi-scan mode (see August 2012 release notes) any error that prevents from scanning (such as QuarkXPress still running) is now only displayed once and then the mult-scan aborts immediately.

Added a warning message if the default layer of a template was saved as invisible.

Increased the delay used to wait for QuarkXPress to shut down.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a spurious, but harmless, bug whereby the wrong script folder name would be displayed in the Execution Status dialog (Brepols, 8-oct-2012).

Fixed a bug in calculation of one-line minicalendars with variable separations. (Brunnen, 4-oct-2012).

Fixed a rare error which appeared when opening the Minicalendar Tabulations dialog for the first time. (Biella, 3-oct-2012).



September 30, 2012 (build 13588)


New and Improved


Changed the method used to get around the QuarkXPress crashes due to auto-hyphenation (see June 2012 notes, below). Previously, all textboxes would be changed to one of the H&J settings of the current output file which did not have hyphenation turned on. This was slightly random as to which H&J would be selected and also meant that all textboxes used the same H&J. Now all the H&J assets of the output file have their auto-hyphenation turned off, but none of the individual textboxes' H&J selection is modified.


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode) Fixed a bug that would cause the error message "Table is already open" to appear if you tried to preview a script's page that contains a macro that performs holidays calculations (Buntwerk, 27-sept-2012).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug that would cause you to have to re-inspect any Quark File file inspected on another PC that had a different decimal separator specified in Windows Regional Options settings (ie. a come instead of a period, or vice-versa) (Leuchtturm 1917, 25-sept-2012).

Fixed a bug which would prevent the opening of the Saras Manager, for the extremely rare case of a diary GridTemplate containing more than 14 pages (Time/System, 21-sept-2012).

(Unicode) If you try to launch Q++Studio from a desktop icon, while Q++Studio is already running, Q++Studio now notices it much sooner and restores the previous instance immediately (Lecas, 18-sept-2012).

Fixed a spurious error message that would be issued whenever a token that was to be converted to an empty string was also to have 2 or more levels of formatting applied to it (Burde, 11-sept-2012).

Removed a spurious warning message that a textbox was missing a slug and which occurred when a Sara was applied to a Quark Pages grid (Leuchtturm 1917, 9-sept-2012).

Group boxes that are themselves anchored boxes (a new feature of QuarkXPress 8) are now properly group-deleted. (Mark's, 20-aug-2012).



August 31, 2012 (build 13562)


New and Improved


(Unicode/WAN) When re-scanning all GridTemplates or re-inspecting all Plain Quark Files (or both) QuarkXPress is now only launched once for the first scan (instead of being launched and closed for each individual scan), thus saving a lot of time.

Added the possibility of making both minicalendar tabulations and GenTokens special cases depend on the number of week changes in the current month.

Added GenTokens special cases to cover different months and differing number of week changes in a month.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a glitch which would sometimes cause the "Closing QuarkXPress" splash to remain visible after it should have been removed from the screen (Biella, 17-aug-2012).

Fixed (hopefully once and for all) a minor bug which would cause Q++Studio not to warn users that they needed to re-compile their macros before generating a script (Ajasto, 17-aug-2012).

Fixed a bug which could occur inside a GenTokens which contains macro tokens with their nResult setting set to Change date of Tokens in sRESULT, whereby the nResult date change meant only for the macro token would also influence the date of the parent GenTokens (Rhein, 7-aug-2012).



July 31, 2012 (build 13533)


New and Improved


Added a macro function to calculate the number of the Tithi(s) of the current day.

Added a macro function to calculate the time of the Tithi(s) of the current day.

The holidays synchronization now compares the value of the Moon Data Source, or Sun Data Source, or Muslim Calendar, if appropriate, as well as the actual rule.


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode) Fixed a UI bug which would prevent the creation of new Saints Sets from within the Saints and Namedays Manager. (Eilers Werke, 12-july-2012).

Fixed a bug which would prevent QuarkXPress from using all the colors defined in the original GridTemplates (Buntwerk, 8-july-2012).



June 30, 2012 (build 13507)


New and Improved


Invisible layers in Quark GridTemplates are now ignored, during both scanning and generating, so that you may keep extra layers (or even design information) for future use.

Added support for QuarkXPress version 9.3.

Added code to remove hyphenation during any text replacement.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a spurious bug in the auto-rescanning of GridTemplates (Letts, 28-june-2012)

Fixed a bug whereby a set of more than a dozen anchored textboxes  located in an extra wide textbox, might generate a spurious scanning message that some of these anchored boxes were totally off either page. (Buntwerk, 21-june-2012).

Fixed the incorrect, but harmless, appearance of a message that QuarkXPress had crashed after launching the internal quark for maintenance. (21-june-2012).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the display of the holiday rule description for holidays that have a conflict rule based on a holiday located in a different folder (Buntwerk, 20-june-2012).

Fixed a bug in the code applying Special Tabulations in One Line Minicalendars whose dates were set by a macro. (Buntwerk, 19-june-2012)

Fixed a long-standing intermittent problem in QuarkXPress 8 when importing text with a large number of tabulations and/or returns (ie. very often in GenTokens). (Moestue, 13-june-2012).

(Unicode) Fixed dialogs that would re-size abnormally when running under Windows 7 with odd font sizes and DPI resolution settings (Buntwerk, 12-june-2012).

(Unicode) Added code to workaround a QuarkXPress 8.5.1 bug which would occur when a token was set with Chinese as its style sheet language and hyphenation turned on (Tai Shing, 9-june-2012).



May 31, 2012 (build 13453)


New and Improved


The Specific Holidays Sets Modifiers functionality has been extended to Holidays Symbols Tokens.

Speeded-up the creation of local temporary slogans tables during diary generation.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the Slogans Library Manager which would prevent the re-importation of slogans with the same index library. (Simancas, 14-may-2012)

The file selection dialogs in Stand-alone Saras now correctly outputs to another file if the in-file and out-file names are different. (Simancas, 14-may-2012)

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the Delete all slogans of current set option of the Slogans Manager (Brepols, 9-may-2012).

The file selection dialogs in Stand-alone Saras now allow for the selection of all types of QuarkXPress files, both Quark File (versions 3-4-5) and QXP (versions 6-7-8-9). (Simancas, 8-may-2012)

(Unicode) Fixed a bug which would prevent the re-compilation of all macros if one of the macros was empty (Geigers, 8-may-2012).

The Offer to save OPF of new scripts in Preference was not being saved. (Simancas, 8-may-2012).



April 30, 2012 (build 13430)


New and Improved


(Unicode) The Q++Studio Database Server can now run on single-user workstations that use Windows 7 (though it is still not a recommended configuration).

(Unicode) Modified the start-up code so that when multiple users launch Q++Studio at the same time, all workstation launch at the same time without an internal queue (ie. launches are faster).

(Unicode) Added detailed error and warning installation messages for both the server and workstation installations.


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode) Fixed a bug whereby very old scripts (last saved before December 2007) would loose the value of Plain Quark File file names when being re-opened (Geigers, 27-apr-2012).

Fixed a bug whereby the Q++Studio Xtension would no longer be restored after using the Update Internal QuarkXPress command (26-apr-2012).

Fixed further a bug in the conversion of conditional holidays tokens when the token is not properly formatted. (Brunnen, 20-apr-2012).

Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause an error when re-scanning a GridTemplate at the beginning of the day. (13-apr-2012).

Fixed a bug in the conditional holidays tokens whereby saints tokens would not be processed properly. (Brunnen, 12-apr-2012).

(Unicode) Fixed a UI bug in the Saints and Namedays Manager (Brunnen, 10-apr-2012).

(ANSI) Fixed an oversight which meant that QuarkXPress files saved with Quark version 9.10 and above would be rejected as invalid (Srinivas, 9-apr-2012).



March 31, 2012 (build 13391)


New and Improved


(Unicode) Testing has been completed under the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

(Unicode) Improved the speed with which inspected and re-inspected Quark Files are updated into the database, particularly over slow networks or a WAN connection over the internet.

(Unicode) Added a warning to alert you if, under Windows 7, you are not running QuarkXPress 8 or 9 in Windows XP Compatibility Mode.

Improved the code that issues a warning for groups of objects that cross the spine between 2 facing pages.

Added support for QuarkXPress version 9.2.

(Unicode) Added code to try queries against the server again, with an increased timeout, whenever an error of the type "operation could not be completed in the allotted time" occurs due to a slow network and/or server hosting the database.

(Unicode) Added a new Generation Option to allow the user to override the XPress Tags version used to process GenTokens and Minicalendars rules above and below.

New recurring holidays based on a range of dates are now created with a default date based on the current date.

Added detailed logging code to the Saras processing.

The :w*XX minicalendar modifiers used to modify the processing of the w# markers of a minicalendar have been implemented.

It is now possible to abort diary generation during the p-Code Conversion stage.


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode) Fixed a bug that would slow down the first launch of the day for users who were directly connected to a remote WAN server.

Corrected problems which could occur in XPress Tags and Saras in chains of linked textboxes (Brunnen and Burde, 17-mar-2012).

(Unicode) The automated backup which occurs for stand-alone users is now launched only once a day.

(Unicode) Fixed an error message that would appear when a user created 2 new scripts Folders in the same session (Brunnen, 14-mar-2012).

(Unicode) Recurring holidays based on a range of dates are now displayed correctly in the Holidays Manager.

Dates in the Mongolian calendar that are expunged (for example for months that have no 1st of the month and which start on day 2) are now correctly handled.



February 29, 2012 (build 13317)


New and Improved


Added code to prevent the accidental use of XLSX files instead of XLS files when importing data from an MS-Excel file.

Implemented the Saints portion of the Holidays Response Tokens.

Implemented Holidays Rules based on the Bhutanese , Mongolian and Tibetan calendars.


Fixed and Corrected


Removed messages available updates to CHM and PDF documentation that are no longer needed.

(Unicode) The utility program to repair damaged licenses would not function properly for single workstation installations (ie. not connected to a LAN server). (Anupam, 20-feb-2012)

(WAN Unicode) The current Script is now forced to be saved on the remote server before the Technical Support function is called.

Fixed a bug in the conversion of tokens in Yearly Templates whereby the conversion of tokens would always be based on the date of the Monday before January 1st, even if the grid had been scanned as beginning on January 1st. (Lett's, 10-feb-2012)

Fixed a random bug whereby QuarkXPress would not fully respect the z-order of objects on layers (and the z-order of layers amongst themselves) in particular if some layers were placed below the default layer. (Lecas, 9-feb-2012).



January 31, 2012 (build 13271)


New and Improved


Added more detailed messages when an error occurs during QuarkXPress processing.

The standard QuarkXPress page number codes are now maintained in the output file for both Templates and Plain Quark files.

Improved the amount of information available in the List of Diary Generation Messages after QuarkXPress processing has been aborted.

Added a macro function to easily determine the beginning and ending dates of a multi-day token such as for holidays duration tokens.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug which would occur when trying to group delete a group of objects whose X-position or Y-position is negative (Brunnen, 20-jan-2012).

Fixed a bug which would sporadically cause QuarkXPress not to copy over anchored textboxes that were placed on the non-default layer (Brunnen, 17-jan-2012).

Fixed a glitch that would make Q++Studio assume that the Highlight Token Errors Generation Option was always on. In addition, if the definition of Yellow in your QuarkXPress preferences was non-default, then you would get an additional message that the requested color could not be found and that Magenta was thus being used (Lett's, 13-jan-2012).

The message that "GenTokens Options use colors not found in template" would sometimes occur spuriously, particularly when the Special Cases of a GenTokens were not using Formatting (Lecas, 11-jan-2012).

(ANSI) The message that QuarkXPress facing pages layouts were limited to a width of 24 inches per pages was sometimes being generated spuriously (Geigers, 6-jan-2012).


Other Years


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.


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