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Q++Studio Release Notes 2013

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2013.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



December 31, 2013 (build 14600)


New and Improved


Based on almost a decade of official Islamic dates in Morocco, we have developed a model Moroccan Hijri calendar which was added to the list of built-in Muslim calendars which can now be used to predict much more accurately the dates of Muslim public holidays in Morocco (as well as in Spain's regions of Ceuta and Melilla).

The XE2 version of Q++Studio now supports Windows 8.1.

Improved solar eclipses calculations in Export Planetary Data, as well as many improvements to the Excel file generated.

Added macro functions to calculate: heliacal events, lunar occultations, solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, and planetary apsides.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby minicalendar tokens would not be recognized if any of the tokens in the same box, and before the minicalendar token, contained the string "mc". (Biella, 20-dec-2013).

Fixed some issues with the refreshing of network drives in the Open File and Save File dialogs under Windows 7 and 8 (Quo Vadis, 18-dec-2013).



November 30, 2013 (build 14532)


New and Improved


Improved the memory allocation used to store scanned templates information.

The last issue remaining with QuarkXPress version 10 has been resolved and Q++Studio now supports QuarkXPress version 10.

Re-designed the List SARAs Hit dialog completely.

Added macro functions to calculate various astronomical data: real position of Moon and planets in Constellations, Sun, Moon and planet risen or not, Moon Phase Angle, Moon Longitude Angle, ....


Fixed and Corrected


Use improved intercalation indices values for the Mongolian Lunar calendar to better handle years when there are 2 first lunar months.



October 31, 2013 (build 14486)


New and Improved


Added a twilight token to display the number of hours of twilight (the total time between dawn and sunrise and sunset and dusk).

Optimized the processing of Boolean and integer variables in Macros.

Added a new line ending option for GenTokens, Override Text/Tokens, which when the corresponding Special Case Condition is true allows you to specify a different line of text/tokens to use for that specific line (while retaining all the possible line ending paragraph styles).

Added a new line ending option for GenTokens, Skip Line, which when the corresponding Special Case Condition is true ignores the current line entirely (text and line ending). This option can be used to create a more powerful holiday or Moon duration token by skipping days when there is no holiday (or Moon phase).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug which would reject descending days tokens if they did not contain a DayValue. (Biella, 23-oct-2013).

Fixed a bug which would prevent the time formatting x/x option from displaying correctly. (Geigers, 21-oct-2013).

Some complex XPress Tags when used as the result of a Macro, could cause QuarkXPress to fail. (Geigers, 18-oct-2013).

No warning message would be generated if one forgot to specify the macro options corresponding to a macro token in Multiple Holidays Options.

Fixed a UI bug which would sometimes cause an access violation when opening the GenTokens and Minicalendar Paragraph Formatting dialogs (Geigers, 9-oct-2013).

Fixed the appearance of a spurious message that would appear incorrectly if a macro token began with the letter f followed by either of the letters a, e, i, o, or u. (Geigers, 8-oct-2013)



September 30, 2013 (build 14404)


New and Improved


Added the new Remove Runaround Diary Generation Option to have Q++Studio automatically remove runaround from all objects in your output file, and thus get around a bug in QuarkXPress versions 8 and 9 whereby spurious text overflow warning is triggered in objects on the right page whenever another object with overlapping XY coordinates and runaround is located on the left page.

Added a status window to confirm that some processes that take some time (such as previewing a QuarkXPress file, or shutting down Q++Studio) have indeed begun.

The in-line filtering of data in the advanced data grid now accepts partial matches anywhere in the text field, regardless of case.

Further re-organized the steps of diary generation so that the logging of text overflow is now performed after SARAs and after BOXFIT re-sizing.

Added the following Macro functions: MoonZodiacSignOf , MoonPhaseAngle, and MoonLongitudeAngle.

Added the possibility of calculation Moon in Zodiac tokens based on the beginning of the day or noon (as opposed to the standard calculation which looks for a change anytime during the current day).

Support for QuarkXPress version 10 is now in its final stages of beta testing and we expect to support QuarkXPress 10 as soon as it is released in September or October 2013.

Added UI indicators as to which versions of QuarkXPress were compatible with the version of Windows currently installed on a workstation.


Fixed and Corrected


Improved the exactness of the message that appears in the sample dates section of the Holidays Manager if the Moon Data Source or the Sun Data Source is undefined, so that now the message specifies if it is the Moon Data Source or the Sun data Source of the Holidays Set that is undefined, or that of the specific holiday only. (Brepols, 23-sept-2013).

Added code to handle gracefully any error stemming from a bug in the beta version of QuarkXPress 10 which generates a bitmap preview which is not a proper bitmap file.

Added a workaround a compiler bug which would produce an Access Violation in the Macros Editor when typing characters whose index was lower than the letter 0.



August 31, 2013 (build 14320)


New and Improved


The updaters to the XE2 beta version of Q++Studio are now online.

Added code to properly identify and describe incompatibilities when using QuarkXPress 10, such as not being able to open Quark files of versions 6 and below, and being incapable of running on Windows versions before Windows 7.

Added built-in support for the specific capitalization rules of Greek (in particular with respect to accented characters).

For clients who connect to multiple database servers, it is now possible to have Q++Studio always open the Database Selection dialog at start-up (instead of having to hold the CTRL key down at program start-up).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug which prevented the correct importation of recurring holidays and one-time-dates from an Excel file. (Grandluxe, 22-aug-2013).

Sometimes the splash/wait dialog (yellowish with a red trim) would remain visible even after the process it was covering was over. This should now be resolved.

Removed a spurious and potentially time-consuming Script verification after Viewing Tokens.

Fixed a bug, introduced in June 2012, when developing a workaround for the auto-hyphenation bug of QuarkXPress 8, whereby searching for a hard return in a Sara would no longer function. (Filofax, 8-aug-2013)

Fixed a bug whereby the option uses symbol font (the option to use the font of the symbol token in Quark), was confused with Use in Quark (the option to use the Display font of a Holidays Set). (Grandluxe, 31-july-2013)



July 31, 2013 (build 14202)


New and Improved


The Updater program for the XE2 Beta Version is now online.

Added code to workaround a common bug of Windows 7 whereby all system fonts are set to bold + italics.

Added a new Generation Option, Fix Z-Order, which can be turned off for GridTemplates containing a lot of objects (over 500) to avoid diary generation slowing to a crawl at 30% for up to 20 minutes, while QuarkXPress verifies, and eventually fixes, the Z-order of each of the objects (this is a process that is O(2) in that its duration is proportional to the square of the number of objects, which is to say that the process will take 4 times longer if there are 2 times more objects).

Implemented a new version of the Ephemeris library, with additional capabilities and improved calculation of sunrises, sunsets, moonrises and moonsets, as well as solar and lunar eclipses times that are in full agreement with NASA data. To avoid the generation of slightly different times, unintentionally, this new library is not automatically installed. Please contact us if you wish to migrate to this new library.

Development of QuarkXPress 10 support has begun.

Added simple formatting options (bold, italic, and superscript) to Holiday Names and Slogans.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed an extremely rare bug in the dialog used to select a SaraSet as script line property, when no SaraSet was previously selected, and the entire Saras database only contained a single SaraSet (Grandluxe, 22-july-2013).

Fixed a bug in the Export Astronomical Data, whereby lunar eclipses would be searched for going backward in time meaning that any lunar eclipse that spanned 2 days (ie. began before midnight and ended after midnight) would be missing the first and second contacts.

Fixed a bug in the Date Offset Suffixes, whereby monthly offsets and yearly offsets would be calculated in the opposite direction (Alpha Edition, 3-july-2013).

Fixed a minor UI glitch in the Holidays Manager, whereby the spin buttons to change sample years were offset from their intended position.



June 30, 2013 (build 14102)


New and Improved


Expanded the coverage of Date Offset Suffixes to allow for the use of year offsets.

Added a new, mixed, type of Holidays Response Tokens whereby the response is triggered if at least 2 of the conditions, one pair, is true.

Added the possibility of installing the Q++Studio Server on a drive other than C:\ (such as D:\ or E:\).

Added the possibility of using Specific Holidays Sets Modifiers within Holidays Response Tokens.

The System Information dialog (accessible for the Help menu), now displays the version of the Worldwide Public Holidays data installed on your system, and the date when it was installed.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed an obscure bug which would happen when a token replacement was calling another token whose translation was in a sub-language (Quo Vadis, 27-june-2013).

Fixed some minor UI glitches in the Q++Studio Main Program Updater.



May 31, 2013 (build 14013)


New and Improved


Added a new Generation Option to disconnect all the objects of an output file from their original Master Page, and then have these Master Pages be emptied (left with only the margins and guides).

Added the possibility of specifying that the current textbox, or the current textbox and all objects that are grouped to it, should be deleted as the result of a Holidays Response Token.

It is now possible to move script folders within the Scripts Explorer, using drag and drop.

Added a Generation Option to Ignore Invisible Layers (or not).

Improved the help topics covering the updates procedures for both the ANSI and the Unicode versions of Q++Studio.

All versions of Q++Studio now support QuarkXPress version 9.51.


Fixed and Corrected


The recently-added Generation Option to Break links to Master Pages would fail if any of the textboxes on the Master Pages contained ant Drop Shadows. (Buntwerk, 31-may-2013).

The recently-added Generation Option to Ignore Invisible Layers (or not) would not be applied systematically to the scanning of the currently open script (Lecas, 28-may-2013).

(Unicode) Fixed some minor refresh/redraw issues in the TreeView components of the Holidays Manager and the Slogans Manager.

Fixed a bug whereby Holiday Names Variations would be ignored intermittently for date changes due to a holiday conflict.

Fixed a few occurrences of the Advanced Data Grid in which filtering was still case dependent (ie. searching for anopl would not find Anoplaning).



April 30, 2013 (build 13901)


New and Improved


Implemented Date Offset Suffixes to specify that a token is to be evaluated for a certain number of days or months before or after the date indicated by its DayValue.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug which prevented the use of local independent databases on either the source or target sides of the Data Pump (Brunnen, 25-apr-2013).

Simple carriage returns (ASCII character 10) would not be recognized as valid returns in Slogans. (Brunnen, 15-apr-2013)

After fixing a broken conflict link in a Holiday Rule and saving the change, the red indicator that there is a broken conflict would not turn green until another holiday was selected and then the original holiday selected again. The correction is now visible as soon as the Save button is pressed. (Biella 11-apr-2013)

If the Text and Tokens to display on each generated line of a GenTokens Options was blank, then it would only be partially saved after closing a script (Buntwerk, 10-apr-2013).



March 31, 2013 (build 13844)


New and Improved


The Import from Excel dialog now alerts you if the date or number format of your Excel file is incorrect, before you try to import an Excel file, and also alerts you to subtle formatting errors.

Improved the parameters being passed to the Macro Compiler when using  w# macros, allowing in particular for a more reliable determination of which dates are outside the month of a given minicalendar.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby the One Line Minicalendars Week Numbers Options visibility criteria would not be overridden by the use of a w# macro (thus always making some w# invisible in minicalendars, regardless of the result of the associated w# macro). (Brunnen, 11-mar-2013)



February 28, 2013 (build 13832)


New and Improved


Added a 0.001 mm margin of error when checking if textboxes' left position was negative, and thus required shifting from page Y to page Y-1. Additionally, this message is now only generated for text boxes, which means that the message is not generated for lines, picture boxes and rectangle boxes (boxes whose content is set to "none" and can be used to display color that bleeds-off the page).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug which would send Q++Studio into an infinite loop if one tried to use duration tokens suffixes with Holidays Symbols tokens. (Brunnen, 27-feb-2013)

Added code to workaround a bug in QuarkXPress versions before version 9.3 whereby, for line objects only, Quark would not return the proper page number when queried by Q++Studio, sometimes leading to spurious and incorrect messages such as objects being fully off either page. (Brunnen, 27-feb-2013)

Fixed a few cases where a text selection dialog (used to rename an item or set the name of a new item) would be excessively wide (15-feb-2013).

After re-scanning a GridTemplate, the button to single-line generate the current DiaryGridLine would sometimes remain disabled (15-feb-2013).

Fixed a random bug which sometimes generated an error message at the end of re-scanning a GridTemplate.



January 31, 2013 (build 13813)


New and Improved


The opening of the Execution Messages Dialog has been sped-up, particularly on slow networks and when accessing a remote server via the internet.

Based on a decade of official Islamic dates in Iran, we have developed a model Iranian Hijri calendar which was added to the list of built-in Muslim calendars which can now be used to predict much more accurately the dates of Muslim public holidays in Iran.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a minor UI glitch whereby the string representation of Nth, with N greater than 10, would not display properly in the area of the Holidays Manager that displays the rules for the currently selected holiday rule as a human-readable string.

Added code to sidestep errors due to incorrect options parameters in the One Line Minicalendars Special Tabulations dialog.

Added code to gently handle errors due to malformed tokens consisting of only a pair of braces and a lowercase letter from a to z (e.g. [a] or [f] or [m]).

Removed the spurious creation of temporary tables in the Templates Explorer, thus speeding its access to remote databases.


Other Years


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.


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