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Q++Studio Release Notes 2014

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2014.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



December 31, 2014 (build 15511)


New and Improved


Validated the Q++Studio Mongolian Togs Buyant calendar with official sources up to the Mongolian new year of 2025.

Validated the Q++Studio DIB Muslim calendar until the end of 2022 with the Turkish Government.

Improved the long-term calculation of the date of Laotian New Year in the Worldwide Public Holidays Database.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug which would generate spurious messages that Macros or Minicalendars were using colors that were not defined in any template (Brunnen, 20-dec-2014).

Increased the maximum number of instructions in a script from 64K to 128K and added a message128K instructions and abort the script nicely (Lecas, 12-dec-2014).



November 30, 2014 (build 15448)


New and Improved


Support for QuarkXPress version 10.5. Note that the QuarkXPress file format has changed between QuarkXPress 10.1x and 10.2 (similarly to what happened between QuarkXPress 9.0x and 9.1) and that, if you are using QuarkXPress 10, you will have to upgrade to QuarkXPress 10.2, at least.

Added a new design-time message to warn users of the extreme rare cases when one of the languages used by a script had been deleted from the database.

Added a new condition "Current Day" to the Days of Month section of the GenTokens Special Cases options.

Improved the holiday rule in the Worldwide Public Holidays Database to calculate the sequence of Bituun and Tsagaan Sar in Mongolia.

Improved the code calculating holidays based on the Burmese calendar (as used in Myanmar).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the processing of Saras with extremely long (over 200 characters) sequences of pages and commands. (Brunnen, 25-nov-2014).

Fixed a bug in the processing of Saras, whereby searching for text set in white would fail. (Brunnen, 4-nov-2014).

The formatting of script line comments would not be saved. (Brunnen, 4-nov-2014).

Fixed a bug in the reading of text files saved as Unicode from within a macro. (Time System, 3-nov-2014).

Fixed a bug in the processing of Saras with extremely long (over 200 digits) sequences of pages. (Alpha Edition, 31-oct-2014).

Fixed a bug in the display and selection of SARAs with dis-contiguous page sequences (Diarpell, 31-oct-2014).



October 31, 2014 (build 15409)


New and Improved


Started testing on Windows 10. We plan to support Q++Studio Versions XE2 and above and QuarkXPress versions 10 and above, although we plan to test QuarkXPress version 9 at a later date to see if it can be made to run on Windows 10. For the moment we have not encountered any issues in using Q++Studio Version XE2 with QuarkXPress 10.2.1 on the latest beta version of Windows 10.

Improved the calculation of Hindu public holidays based on the Nakshatra sub-types of solar calendar holidays (such as Onam).

Speedup-up of the opening of the Holidays Manager by skipping the spurious calculation of the first available holiday at start-up.

The Q++Studio Updater has been replaced by the Q++Studio Universal Updater which avoids all the issues related to UAC rights under Windows 7 and 8 and also, if you wish, downloads for you the latest updater from the web.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a UI bug in the Saras Manager whereby partial page selections would not be retained from one run to the next. (Alpha Edition, 28-oct-2014).

Fixed a minor UI bug in the display of the attempted instruction in the Diary Generation Messages dialog. (21-oct-2014).

Fixed a bug in the display of the No time text to be used in displaying astronomical events such as sunrise/sunsets and moonrise/moonset. (Brunnen, 17-oct-2014).

Fixed a spurious bug whereby QuarkXPress would return plausible but incorrect values for the first page of a document with textboxes. (Brunnen, 15-oct-2014).

Fixed a bug in the displaying of the logs of Saras, whereby the number of Saras processed would not be logged properly if any of the Saras contained a soft or hard return. (Brunnen, 14-oct-2014).

Added code to avoid synchronization issues with very fast new PCs (Brunnen, 1-oct-2014).



September 30, 2014 (build 15322)


New and Improved


Major improvement of the time needed to open the Scripts Explorer, for systems where there are more than 100 scripts Folders.

Improved the determination of leap months in the Hindu Lunar calendar, in particular around the leap Asvina in 2020 which impacts many public holidays' date in Bhutan, India, and Nepal.

Added a menu item to remove the ancestor of one or more recurring holidays.

Added a new Holiday Name Variation to indicate that the occurrence of a holiday that matches a particular conditional keyword should be deleted.

The holidays synchronizer now compares the actual dates of recurring holidays with arbitrary dates rules.

Substantially improved the speed at which the previews of GridTemplate and Plain Quark Pages appear, in particular over slow networks and WAN Internet access.

Added the option to only display changed holidays (neither new nor obsolete) in the Holidays Synchronization dialog.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby the Q++Studio application could be launched more than once, under Windows 7 and 8.1 (Brunnen, 30-sept-2014).

Fixed a bug whereby the Technical Support feature would not include all the Slogans Sets used by the current script in the email attachments (Burde, 29-sept-2014).

Fixed a UI bug whereby the text of the list of Slogans in the "Select Slogan with which you wish to begin the cycle" dialog would not be displayed (Burde, 29-sept-2014).

Fixed a bug in the macros compiler whereby, in a grouped succession of subtractions, such as (a-b-c-d), only the first subtraction, (a-b),  would be returned, and the -c-d would be ignored. (Yangjisa, 29-sept-2014).

Fixed a minor UI bug whereby the keyboard shortcuts to create, modify, delete, save and cancel changes to a recurring holiday would be ignored (Paperblanks, 18-sept-2014).

Fixed a bug in the calculation of Hindu lunar holidays at the cusp of a lunar month change, that is to say near Asvina sukla Pratipada (Letts, 17-sept-2014).

Fixed a bug in the code that automatically generated an output filename in response to message 16060 (Letts, 11-sept-2014).

Fixed a UI glitch whereby the list of one-time-dates of the previously-selected holidays set would not be cleared after creating a new holidays set, if the holidays manager's top-right tab did not have the one-time-dates tab selected (Letts, 10-sept-2014).

Fixed a bug in the automatic generation of a Physical Section Filenames, when the option Use Output Filename was used (Burde, 5-sept-2014).

Fixed a typo in the spelling of Sagittarius (Geigers, 4-sept-2014).

Fixed a couple of UI glitches in the progress dialog of the Export Output File to PDF function.



August 31, 2014 (build 15257)


New and Improved


It is now possible to intercept and post-process the textual result of any token in a macro.

The trailing line feed and carriage return is now automatically removed from the result of the Macro Function List_GetFullText.

Added 2 new suffixes to Duration Moon tokens. These allow you to restrict the number of Moon phases to display, and/or to begin the displaying of Moon phases on the Nth phase of the period.

Changed the downloaded file for the Q++Studio Worldwide Public Holidays updater to be a ZIP file instead of an EXE file, as some client firewalls would prevent the download of EXE files from the internet.

Re-designed and improved the Holidays Synchronization dialog. The Holidays Synchronization dialog is now accessible directly from the Data Menu and makes it possible to select which sets you want to synchronize.

Improved and made more systematic, the rounding-off of times to the nearest minute. This applies mainly to the export to Excel of Astronomical data.

Added a design-time message to warn users if one of the languages used by the current script uses obsolete Capitalization Options.

Wrote instructions on how to manually install an XE2 version workstation, while the specs for the automated installer are being finished.

Support for QuarkXPress version 10.2. Note that the QuarkXPress file format has changed between QuarkXPress 10.1x and 10.2 (similarly to what happened between QuarkXPress 9.0x and 9.1) and that, if you are using QuarkXPress 10, you will have to upgrade to QuarkXPress 10.2.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the diary generation error reporting of text overflow in linked boxes whereby the reported text overflow would refer to the box in which the text overflow occurred, but unfortunately this is always the last box of a chain of linked boxed, meaning that the message referred to the last box of the chain rather than to the first box of the chain, which contains the text/tokens causing the overflow.

Added code to work around a sporadic bug in QuarkXPress versions 8, 9 and 10, whereby it would return an invalid number for the minimal and maximal page numbers of the currently open document. This would have as a side -effect that, sometimes, but rarely, Saras would begin processing on a page other than page 1. (Leuchtturm 1917, 14-aug-2014).

Fixed a bug in the reading of the list of defined PDF Output Styles whereby style names containing Asian or Cyrillic characters would appear improperly (Burde, 3-aug-2014).

Fixed a bug in the FormatTime function when using am/pm in the format string.



July 31, 2014 (build 15191)


New and Improved


Added a new Unless Now Non-Partial option to the Holidays Synchronization, so that you may be alerted to the fact that the erstwhile reason for ignoring a particular holiday may no longer be valid if that holiday has now become non-partial (ie. a full national holiday).

Added the possibility of selecting February 29 as either/or the beginning and end rule of a DiaryGridLine.

Added code to prevent the appearance of the "missing images" dialog during Export to PDF.

The Quark Output Styles of all installed versions of QuarkXPress are now saved as part of the daily local backup.

It is now possible to specify that the generated output file should be automatically converted to PDF.

When selecting a specific holiday to be used in conflict rules, if any holiday was previously selected, then it appears pre-selected in the selection dialog.

Further improved the user interface of the Holidays Synchronization module. All suggested actions are now pre-selected, and un-selecting any shows the outcome of this de-selection.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a rare bug which would cause problems when a recurring holiday's recurrence rule was set to the 30th day of the 12th Islamic month for the year 2030 and every 5 years after that. (Brunnen, 30-july-2014)

Fixed a spurious bug which would sometimes cause Quark to crash when re-linking textboxes. (Brunnen, 25-july-2014)

Fixed an infrequent bug which would find spurious text overflow in linked textboxes. (24-july-2014)

Fixed an infrequent bug which would prevent the detection of text overflow in linked textboxes. (14-july-2014)

Fixed a bug in the Holidays Data Pump whereby some of the options of recurring holidays rules that had not been saved since June 2004 (10 years ago) would not be fully copied to a target set (Lett's, 9-july-2014).

Fixed a bug in the Worldwide Public Holidays updater where some conflict rules between sample holidays would not carry forward correctly. (Lett's, 1-july-2014).

Added code to more gracefully respond when a user tries to export from the Holidays Explorer to an Excel file that is already opened in Excel. (Lett's, 1-july-2014).



June 30, 2014 (build 15132)


New and Improved


The links between textboxes of different pages in a GridTemplate are now maintained in QuarkXPress versions 8 and above.

Improved the Holidays Synchronization module. It is now possible to ignore suggested changes and/or keep one's differing holidays (and not be asked again) as well as link one set with multiple source holidays sets.

Improved the accuracy and explicitness of messages that warn of problems in the output filename.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the Holidays Explorer, whereby, when asking for exported data to be formatted in the Q++Studio Website Style (ie. partial holidays in grey) would not show any color difference. (Mark's, 30-june-2014).

Fixed a bug, under Windows 7 and above, which would prevent you from manually adding files (such as screenshots and PDFs) to Technical Support emails (Grandluxe, 18-june-2014).

Fixed a bug when copying multiple scripts in the Scripts Explorer (18-june-2014).

Fixed a minor bug whereby the 1-digit Islamic day of the month token would come out as 2-digit (Grandluxe, 17-june-2014).

Corrected the incorrect appearance of message 15062 whenever a really old script was opened for the first time since 2006 or before (Grandluxe, 9-june-2014).

Fixed an error that would occur during Script verification if a Template contained more that 18 pages (PSN, 4-june-2014).



May 31, 2014 (build 15063)


New and Improved


Q++Studio now maintains 2 different sets of Quark preferences, one internal and one external, without the need to have QuarkXPress run in Windows XP Compatibility Mode anymore.

The limit date for the full support of the Unicode version of Q++Studio has been set for December 31, 2014. First level support (not involving the use of the source code to debug and/or add features) will be available for the Unicode version of Q++Studio until December 31, 2015. If you have not yet upgraded to the XE2 version of Q++Studio, then you should contact technical support as soon as possible to arrange for the (free) upgrading of your system to the latest version of Q++Studio.

Increased the maximum size of text that can be processed into a single QuarkXPress textbox from 64K to 128K (for QuarkXPress versions 8-9-10 only).

It is now possible to copy/move holidays in the Holidays Manager using drag/drop from the list of holidays contained in the currently selected set to the TreeView that contains all sets.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the Fill Entire Set With Default Symbols function of the Holidays Manager. (Letts, 27-may-2014).

Fixed a minor UI bug which would prevent the purging of One-Time-Dates for dates before January 1, 2000. (Letts, 24-may-2014).

Fixed a bug in the filtering of Saints/Namedays prior to diary generation. (Letts, 22-may-2014).

Fixed a bug in the Export to Excel function for Saints and Saints Exceptions. (Letts, 22-may-2014).

Fixed the innocuous but spurious appearance of message 15027. (Letts, 7-may-2014).

Fixed cases whereby some upper ASCII characters would not be displayed properly in QuarkXPress either via a macro function or the corresponding XPress Tag. (Letts, 5-may-2014).

Fixed cases of really old scripts whose script line Comments properties would not be displayed properly (Letts, 5-may-2014).



April 30, 2014 (build 14995)


New and Improved


Added an option to preview the scriptlines of a script from within the Scripts Explorer.

Added a Reply To field in the Technical Support email dialog, so that you can override the default email address associated with your license.

Added double-digit tokens for the Islamic day of the month and month number.

Changed the labels in the Q++Studio user interface to clarify the manner in which namedays and saints are understood and handles. All the labels Saints are now Saints/Namedays, to reflect the fact that both types of data are handles the same way. The previous Namedays are now labeled as Saints/Namedays Exceptions, to reflect the fact that in Q++Studio, these are used to punctually override one or more of the annually recurring Saints/Namedays. These changes are just cosmetic changes to the way these are labeled in the Q++Studio user interface; they do not affect the behavior of these data items from the way they behaved in the past.


Fixed and Corrected


Added a new more detailed run-time message for cases when a token begins with the * of a macro index (Brunnen, 29-apr-2014).

After rescanning a template from within the Templates Explorer, the bitmap previews are now refreshed immediately (6-apr-2014).

Fixed a bug in the Q++Studio XE2 Updater which would not recognize recently-added (less than 12 hours) workstations using Windows timezone settings of +3 hours and more from UTC. (Olympia, 05-apr-2014)

Fixed a bug in the calculation of holidays based on the Korean solar calendar. This only impacted one public holiday, from North Korea. (03-apr-2014)

Fixed a bug in the calculation of some of the more exotic Hindu Solar holidays based on Nakshatras. (03-apr-2014)

Added code to gracefully handle malformed macro tokens where a * was followed by only digits from 0-9 and nothing else until the closing brace (Burde, 01-apr-2014)

Fixed a bug in the calculation of dawn for the date of summer time change to normal time, for locations where the lowest position of the Sun occurs just before midnight of the day before the summertime change. (Geigers, 01-apr-2014)



March 31, 2014 (build 14943)


New and Improved


Optimized the speed of calculation of lunar occultations and heliacal rising and settings.

Scanned templates previews now use better looking PNG previews, under QuarkXPress 10, and generally look much better (visible page borders and guides) for all versions of QuarkXPress.

The Q++Studio custom version of TeamViewer is now running TeamViewer 9.

The XE2 version of Q++Studio now uses the DE430 improved NASA numerical integration data set which produces a more accurate ephemeris for the Moon, using a model of an excited lunar core/mantle rotation interaction.

Support for QuarkXPress version 10.1 with its new 8000% zoom feature.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the display of the preview of a selected page in the scripts Preview window.

Fixed a UI bug whereby the message "operation cannot be performed on a closed dataset" would occur if one modified the name of a Slogans Folder. (Brunnen, 20-mar-2014).

Fixed an issue with the conversion of the [D] token, if no translation had been specified for a specific language (Leuchtturm, 9-mar-2014).

Fixed an issue due to a change in the way QuarkXPress version 10.1 handles XPress Tags importation as compared to previous versions of QuarkXPress.



February 28, 2014 (build 14863)


New and Improved


The functions that calculate astronomical phenomena such as planets being close, occultations and eclipses, now have an option to determine if the event is visible (ie. both bodies are above the horizon, the Sun is not above the horizon, and the elongation between the Sun and each body is at least 4 degrees).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby a change by one user of one or more translation would not be noticed by the other workstations on the network until Q++Studio was restarted on these other workstations. (Brunnen, 12-feb-2014)

Fixed UI bugs whereby the treeview display of languages would be incorrect due to locale sort order. (Alpha Edition, 12-feb-2014)

Fixed UI bugs in the SARAs Editor whereby the left and right sides symbols dialog selection would be inverted, and where a change in the selected color would not be acknowledged. (Alpha Edition, 11-feb-2014)

Fixed a UI bug in the Languages Selection Dialog, whereby the text of the message warning about a language already being selected, was truncated. (Alpha Edition, 10-feb-2014).

Fixed a bug which would cause the occurrence of holidays to be ignored by minicalendars, and not apply the appropriate alternate formatting, if the corresponding minicalendar holidays options did not specify any changes to be performed. (Lett's, 5-feb-2014)

Fixed a user interface bug whereby the message "Closing QuarkXPress" would remain on screen after QuarkXPress had been closed.

Fixed another user interface bug in the Holidays Manager, where the selection of a recurrence rule containing "the Nth weekday before/after", would then de-activate the weekdays rules of the holidays rules selected afterward. (Lett's, 5-feb-2014)

Added code to prevent the Holidays Manager's user interface from getting confused if one had a slow connection to the database server, and one clicked quickly all over the entries of the list of recurring holidays. (Lett's, 3-feb-2013)

Fixed a spurious occurrence of the message "Trying to fit a box that isn't the current box". (Brunnen, 3-feb-2014)



January 31, 2014 (build 14786)


New and Improved


All astronomical calculations in the XE2 version of Q++Studio now use the DE405 improved NASA numerical integration data set which includes the effects of nutation and libration. We have also started work on supporting the recently-released DE430 which produces a more accurate ephemeris for the Moon, using a model of an excited lunar core/mantle rotation interaction.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the QuarkXPress processing, whereby the use of a BOXFIT token, alone on the last line of a textbox, would also delete the preceding return character, thus causing some of the preceding line's paragraph attributes, such as justification, to be lost.

Fixed a bug in the QuarkXPress processing, whereby the replacement of tokens set in a font size of over 100 points would modify the resulting font size by 1 point for font sizes from 101 to 199 points, by 2 points for font sizes from 200 to 299, and by 3 points for font sizes above 300 points. (Brunnen, 27-jan-2014)

Improved the handling of blank tokens, which are now ignored (though a run-time message does appear), rather then leading to the script aborting due to an excessive number of recursions and iterations. (Quo Vadis, 22-jan-2014)

Fixed some user interface glitches under Windows 8.


Other Years


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.


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