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Q++Studio Release Notes 2015  

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2015.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



December 31, 2015 (build 16157)


New and Improved


Updated the link and installation instructions for TeamViewer 11, a much faster version, with a much simpler installation process.

Added more progress information for cases when your Script is using GridTemplates with hundreds of objects located on different layers, to show the progress of the flattening of the layers, which being slow in some cases could be mistaken for a freeze of the program.


Fixed and Corrected


The Worldwide Public Holidays folder is no longer displayed in the Holidays Explorer, if the last time you generated holidays, you chose to generate without sample world holidays. This avoids the confusing appearance of that folder when no holidays are contained in it (Alpha Edition, 1-dec-2015).



November 30, 2015 (build 16117)


New and Improved


The functions to update internal quark preferences and to purge internal quark preferences, now cover all possible cases, under Windows 7 and 8 and 10, as to where the preferences could be saved, even in the cases where QuarkXPress is running in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode.

Added code to prevent the confusion that could result from using same name variables in user-defined functions as in the main body of a macro. A compilation message is now issued if, in a macro function, you are declaring a variable with the same name as one of the variables declared in the main body of the macro, and another message is now issued in any of your functions declaration prototypes use a variable name that is the same name as one of the variables declared in the main body of the macro.

Added code to prevent the text formatting UI from permitting a user from setting both a horizontal scale and a vertical scale at the same time (something that QuarkXPress will not permit).

Added a warning message if a current day, or not current day, minicalendar modifier is used in a grid which is not a daily grid.

Improved the visual appearance of the exported astronomical data files, making sure font sizes on Windows 7 and up were consistent across the data grid, and setting variable-width fonts for textual data.

Added a message to prevent the use of the Find or Find Again buttons in the Holidays Manager, while a holiday was in edit mode.

(XV4) Started beta testing of the new 64-bit version of Q++Studio.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a random error occurring under Windows XP when selecting a Quark File file to inspect (Lett's 26-nov-2015).

The tooltip hints that appear in the Macro Editor, displaying the value of the variable under your mouse, now works also within outside functions (18-nov-2015).

Fixed minor re-draw issues in the Macro Editor gutter (18-nov-2015).

Fixed an issue with hard returns not being processed properly by QuarkXPress 10 and 2015 within XPress Tags (9-nov-2015).



October 31, 2015 (build 16009)


New and Improved


Holidays Generation has been speeded-up by a factor of 2 to 4 (2 is about the minimum improvement, and 4 can be reached if you have a lot of Hindu Lunar holidays in your database, or if you generate holidays including the sample database).

Beginning with build 15983, the Q++Studio Main Program updater will verify if you have all the necessary core system files installed on your system (and the correct version) and, if not, will automatically download it/them and install it/them for you.

Q++Studio now supports version 11.1 of QuarkXPress 2015, and if you are using QuarkXPress 2015, you need to upgrade to version 11.1 to benefit from some of the bug-fixes related to this latest update.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed formatting issues in the generated Excel file produced by exporting Jewish Data (22-oct-2015).

Fixed a bug in the spurious reporting of errors in some of the astronomical calculations, introduced earlier this month (20-oct-2015).

Added code to work around a bug in QuarkXPress 10 and 2015 which sometimes causes an internal "paste in place" command to actually paste 1/50th of a millimeter to the left of the position of the original objects. Also, if the fix fails, a new message is issued to alert you to the potential problem. (3-oct-2015).

Added code to issue a message to more clearly identify cases when your ephemeris file is missing or is corrupted and cannot be loaded. This would, previously, generate a rather cryptic "Floating point division by zero" error. (1-oct-2015).



September 30, 2015 (build 15965)


New and Improved


The Holidays Synchronization dialog now lets you link a holiday to another holiday directly. Also, you can remove the KEEP and IGNORE tags of any of the holidays of the displayed comparison, as well as open the selected holiday and edit it in the Holidays Manager.

Updated the JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) Islamic calendar used in Malaysia with recently-released official data for the calendar year 2017.

Added a scanning message to warn you if you have left locked textboxes on a non-default layer, while using the Ignore Invisible Layers Generation Option.

The scanning message Template Contains Locked Layers, and the run-time messages Error moving/deleting box on layer to base layer, Error when trying to remove layer from Seed Template and Error when trying to remove layer from Output File, now include the name of the layer causing a problem (previously, only the layer ID would appear in the message).

The Select Plain Quark File to Inspect dialog now remembers the last folder used to scan/inspect.

A better more informational dialog appears if the connection to the database server is lost (usually due to the workstation going to sleep).

Increased the maximum number of pages in a Scanned Template from 18 to 24.


Fixed and Corrected


Added code to prevent the Q++Workstation PCs from going to sleep or into power-saving mode, which causes the Lost communication with network server error (28-sep-2015).

Fixed a glitch in the UI of the Holidays Synchronization dialog whereby opening the dropdown action list, and not selecting any, would change some of the red coloring that indicates differences between each holiday and its ancestor (26-sep-2015).

The Holidays Ancestor Links dialog would sometime appear without the current ancestor holiday being selected (26-sep-2015).

The Worldwide Public Holidays updater no longer prevented a user from installing an update to the Q++Studio Worldwide Public Holidays Database if the current version of Q++Studio needed to be updated beforehand.

The Select All button and the selected items count label of the Copy Holidays From dialog were not always updated (Brepols, 15-sept-2015).

The popup menu items to delete, modify or create a new recurring holiday in the Holidays Manager were not working (Brepols, 15-sept-2015).

The popup menu and buttons, associated with a script line that has been copied from another script to replace the currently selected script line, are now updated immediately. Previously, it was necessary to select another script line and then reselect the original script line (Brepols, 15-sept-2015).

The minor version of QuarkXPress would not immediately be updated in the Main Window's status bar, after updating the Internal QuarkXPress manually or in response to a design-time message (7-sep-2015).



August 31, 2015 (build 15897)


New and Improved


The Saras Set selection dialog now supports incremental searching and no longer makes it possible to accidentally change a Saras Set name.

Added more detailed links to the help file for QuarkXPress messages issued during scanning and generating.

Added the option Ignore Duplicate Holiday Names in the Holidays Display Options.


Fixed and Corrected


When the program updater would encounter an unexpected error, the Close and Help buttons were not enabled, preventing an easy closing of the updater (Time/System, 29-aug-2015)

When using an :sqr minicalendar suffix the $$ Everyday, $$=@ Format and w# Everyday options would also be applied to the square minicalendar, and not only to the one-line minicalendar (Brunnen, 20-aug-2015)

The preview of more recent help topics was not being installed by the updater, and therefore was not appearing in the Scanning Messages and Diary Generation Messages dialogs (17-aug-2015).

Some AVI files were missing from the XE2 Server Installation Files (14-aug-2015).

Invisible control characters in MonthHeader Options are now converted to Symbol Tokens so that they can more easily be seen and, more importantly, can be deleted, when at the end of the text string (Brunnen, 3-aug-2015).



July 31, 2015 (build 15829)


New and Improved


Added help topics covering Japanese tokens (Japanese Rokuyo Tokens and Japanese Month Names).

In the Scripts Explorer, the selected scripts Folder, and the applied filter(s), if any, are now remembered by Q++Studio from session to session. In addition, these setting are saved per database, so for users who connect to different remote databases, the last selected Script Folder and filter is remembered for each separate database.

Added a year token suffix to display the year of the minicalendar token.

Loosened the restrictions on pages sizes for QuarkXPress 2015.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the exportation of macros from within the Macros Explorer dialog, whereby Unicode characters would not be properly converted with a UTF-8 BOM. (Lett's, 22-july-2015).

Fixed a bug in the processing of the Holidays with Saints Token whereby the default Saint corresponding to the first set of the aeiou-Holidays would not be automatically selected if no override set was selected in the Holidays (multiple) Options dialog (Quo Vadis, 16-july-2015).

Fixed another bug in the Find Holiday function of the Holidays Manager whereby the choice to search in the current folder or current folder and below would fail.

Fixed a bug in the Find Holiday function of the Holidays Manager whereby an error message would occur if the last found holiday was invisible (due to hiding ignored holidays, for example).



June 30, 2015 (build 15757)


New and Improved


Implemented the Zoroastrian calendar system and corresponding Holidays Recurrence Rules.

Added the Behavior option to the Text Attributes Editor to better fine-tune the formatting of various elements of a minicalendar.

Added the distance from the Earth to the Moon (with apogee and perigee times), the distance from the Earth to the Sun (with aphelion and perihelion times), and rise/set/transit of all planets to the Astronomical Data Exportation module.

Added code to automatically start the Database Server Engine on single-PC setups, even if the Application Server had already been started independently.

Added range of years holiday name variations.


Fixed and Corrected


The search for a holiday function in the Holidays Manager now correctly takes into account the fact that some holidays might currently be invisible due, for example, to the use of the Hide Ignored option (12-june-2015).

Fixed a UI bug whereby the label displaying date of last modification of a holiday set in the Holidays Manager would not be immediately updated. (9-june-2015).

Fixed a rarely occurring bug whereby an error message would appear when trying to save a non-existent SARA. (4-june-2015).



May 31, 2015 (build 15689)


New and Improved


Improved the long-term rules in the Q++Studio Worldwide Public Holidays Database which forecasts the dates of Spain's public holidays in the Asturias.

Added an rule in the Q++Studio Worldwide Public Holidays Database to forecast the estimated date of Thailand's Royal Ploughing Ceremony.

Support for QuarkXPress 2015.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed some minor inconsistencies in how the current week and current spread $$ markers options functioned. (Lett's, 23-may-2015).



April 30, 2015 (build 15651)


New and Improved


The TreeView of the Holidays Explorer has been modified with the addition of check boxes to make the basic filtering and selection of multiple dis-contiguous sets easier.

In conjunction with support for the 64-bit version of QuarkXPress 2015, we added a message to warn you if your computer does not have the Visual C++ 2010 64-bit run-times installed.

Relaxed an unnecessarily strict previous limitation of 100 characters for output filenames, to 199 under Windows XP and 248 under Windows 7 and above.

Added advanced searching to all dialogs that contain an Advanced Data Grid, such as  the Holidays Explorer, the Scripts Explorer, the Templates Explorer, when displaying scanning messages and diary generation messages.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the export of holidays from the Holidays Explorer, when the Different Years In Different Tabs option was set. (Diarpell, 28-apr-2015).

All three of the technical support emails, including these that contain only files, were being sent as CC to the user. This is now fixed and now only the one email with the user's textual message is being CC'd back to the user. (Brunnen, 20-apr-2015).



March 31, 2015 (build 15616)


New and Improved


The calculation of Burmese lunar and solar public holidays has been updated to include the recent reversal of the Government of Myanmar as to the watat status of the Burmese year 1377.

It is now possible to export holidays abbreviations, symbols, and watermarks, as well as split the export one year per tab, in the Holidays Explorer.

The Scripts Explorer now displays all the languages used in each script as well as the number of languages used in each script. It is now also possible to filter by the name, or partial name, of a language.

Q++Studio now clearly differentiates between diary processing being aborted due to a QuarkXPress error and due to a user voluntarily clicking on the ABORT button of the Diary Generation dialog.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the setting of Greek non-accented caps (Letts, 25-mar-2015).

Fixed a bug introduced on February 12, 2015, whereby hard return multi-holidays separators would not be saved (6-mar-2015).

Fixed a glitch in the Import Macros dialog (Yangjisa, 6-mar-2015).

Fixed a minor UI redraw glitch in the Repeating Dates selection dialog (Yangjisa, 6-mar-2015).

Fixed a bug in the display of the preview of Plain Quark Files with an odd number of pages (Yangjisa, 6-mar-2015).



February 28, 2015 (build 15575)


New and Improved


When launching the Holidays Explorer, you can now override the maximum length of the displayed holiday names (which can then be exported to Excel) from the default value of 150 characters to 1000 characters.

Added page number tokens to display the number of the next and previous pages.

Increased the maximum number of lines generated by a GenTokens from 999 to 9999.

Added daily tokens to display the number of working days (Arbeitstage) in Germany in a given month.


Fixed and Corrected


The order of the Tokens displayed in the Source part of the Tokens and Translations Data Pump would appear in semi-random order. This has now been fixed so that tokens and translations appear in the order of tokens, and then of the index of the translation.

The multiple holidays separator, though in principle limited to 5 characters, would in fact only keep the first 4 characters. (Alpha Edition, 12-feb-2015).

Sometimes the color, chosen in Macros Options to change the color of the background or frame of a textbox, would not be recognized, and thus be replaced by magenta. (Burde, 12-feb-2015).

In some cases, moving Holidays Sets in the Holidays Manager, or changing a set's linked status would not be refreshed for all connected users (Alpha Edition, 12-feb-2015).



January 31, 2015 (build 15545)


New and Improved


Expanded the help topics on an XE2 Server installation and on the various tasks related to the XE2 Database Server.

Added code to recognize Windows 10 build 9926.

Started work on support for QuarkXPress 2015.


Fixed and Corrected


Added code to be able to fix the INI settings at start-up, when the user's INI settings are incomplete (Moestue, 9-jan-2015).

Added code to the updater to be able to launch successfully, even when the application's INI settings were incomplete (Yangjisa, 2-jan-2015).


Other Years


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.


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