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Q++Studio Release Notes 2011

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2011.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



December 31, 2011 (build 13231)


New and Improved


The What's New ? topic of the Q++Studio Windows Help now opens automatically after an update.

It is now possible to select PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files as images to be used in holidays, slogans and macros.

You can now add a duration suffix to Holidays Response Tokens.

Added a warning if some of the colors used in GenTokens Options are no longer defined in the current template.

Added Layer Moving Tokens which can be used to move an object (or group of objects) to another layer.


Fixed and Corrected


Removed some spurious occurrences of a warning about QuarkXPress having crashed, when in fact QuarkXPress processing had aborted cleanly (ie. no copy of QuarkXPress was left in memory).

Added code in the QuarkXPress processing to avoid some issues related to replacing text with nought.

The Search tab of the Q++Studio Windows Help was not working.

(Unicode) Fixed problem with the importation of graphics files in slogans and macros, if the graphics filename contained any diacritics (accented) characters (Lecas/Hamelin, 6-dec-2011)

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the Unicode Server installer whereby selecting a Unicode Re-installation would not restore the previous database (Burde, 4-dec-2011)

The text display of Begin and End Rules for monthly and yearly DiaryGridlines was missing a space between the month and year offset parenthesis.

(Unicode) A saved macro could sometimes disappear from the list of available macros in the Macros Options dialog (Time/System, 1-dec-2011).



November 30, 2011 (build 13187)


New and Improved


Added a token to display German tax days (Zinstage).

(Unicode) All QuarkXPress files (GridTemplates and Quark Pages) are now tracked based on their UTC internal timestamp, meaning that users in different timezones (or before and after a summertime change) will not need to re-scan or re-inspect a QuarkXPress document last modified by a user at another site.

When you add Insert Scriptlines to another Insert Scriptline, the new Insert is now inserted after any content of the selected  Insert line (previously the new Insert line would be inserted immediately after the currently selected insert line thus potentially coming in between the selected insert line and its contents lines).

Properly implemented the Force QuarkXPress Shutdown function.

(Unicode) In the Scripts Explorer, when in recursive mode, you can now click to Select Containing Folder.

Added tokens to display the Moon Zodiac symbol and name on everyday or on the first and last day of a cycle.

(Unicode) Added code to verify the uniqueness of the new name of a script when renaming a script.


Fixed and Corrected


(Unicode) Fixed a spurious key violation error that would sometimes occur when saving a macro under another name (Lecas, 23-nov-2011).

(Unicode) The selected set in the Saints Manager is now redrawn with its selection and focus rectangle of the correct size (Lecas, 22-nov-2011).

Fixed a message that would refer to a random numbered Template ID after using the Clear Template Link function (Lecas, 22-nov-2011).

Fixed the links to automatically download the latest Q++Studio Windows Help. These links were no longer correct since last month,  when the Q++Studio documentation was split into 2 separate versions (ANSI and Unicode).

Fixed a minor UI bug that temporarily display the wrong icon in the Holidays Manager list of Holidays Sets, after a folder of Holidays Sets was renamed (Brunnen, 17-nov-2011).

Fixed a bug that would cause the wrong number of grids to be inserted, when inserting monthly grids containing more than one month or yearly grids containing more than one year (Brunnen, 16-nov-2011).

(Unicode) Improved the detection of the need for holidays to be re-generated, even when multiple users are located in different timezones (Lett's, 9-nov-2011).

(Unicode) Fixed a minor UI bug that would not properly redraw the currently selected scripts Folder in the Copy script line dialog.

Fixed a bug that would stop scanning or diary generation if the Xtensions Disabled folder of QuarkXPress was empty (Lett's, 8-nov-2011).

Fixed a bug in formatted text replacement under QuarkXPress 7 (Lett's, 2-nov-2011).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug whereby newly created Holidays Sets would not have the font Arial Unicode MS specified as its default Display Font.

(Unicode) Fixed a bug when renaming scripts in the Scripts Explorer (Almanakkforlaget, 2-nov-2011).



October 31, 2011 (build 13151)


New and Improved


Added a holidays recurrence rule option that allows for conflict checking against any holiday in another specified holidays set.

Added the option of using a specific maximum size for the nightly automated backup files that are sent by FTP for some clients whose internet connection does not support larger FTP uploads (the default is 50 MB).

(Unicode) Re-designed the user interface of the Scripts Explorer using an advanced data grid.

(Unicode) Re-designed the user interface of the SaraSets Manager using an advanced data grid.

(Unicode) Re-designed the user interface of the Templates Explorer using an advanced data grid so that it is now possible to filter and group entries in the Templates table (as well as sort, which was possible before).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the calculation of recurring public holidays that are based on the Hindu lunar calendar in the extremely rare cases when the option "Use Adhika Month if it exists" is used.

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the use of SARAs in multi-section diaries (Burde, 18-oct-2011).

(Unicode) The display of diary processing messages in multi-section diaries was always displaying empty lists of messages (Burde, 18-oct-2011).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug whereby holidays abbreviation tokens would not be recognized on some PCs using the Baltic and  East European codepages (Buroodisain, 17-oct-2011).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug whereby a user would not be aware that another user had deleted one of the templates used by the currently opened script of the first user (Brunnen, 13-oct-2011).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug in the Q++Studio Updater which would display an erroneous database error message when a user was performing a local update but other users were currently running Q++Studio on their workstations (Brunnen, 30-sep-2011).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug when creating a new scripts Folder which would prevent scripts in that folder from being properly attached to Technical Support emails (Brunnen, 5-oct-2011).



September 30, 2011 (build 13111)


New and Improved


Added code to detect QuarkXPress installations in the (x86) Program Files folder.

Added code to get an around an annoying feature of Windows that show the empty drives of removable media (CD, DVD, Flash Cards, ...) as available drives meaning that if ones checks for a file's existence on such an unmounted drive Windows issues an annoying message.

(Unicode/WAN) Q++Studio now automatically updates the programs that need updating on the remote server when connected to a remote server via the internet.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a warning that would sometimes occur erroneously in properly formed holidays response tokens. (Brunnen, 29-sept-2011).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug introduced recently when fixing the exporting holidays bug with grouped columns, whereby only the first row of data would be exported if none of the columns were grouped. (Burde, 21-sep-2011)

(Unicode) Fixed a sporadic bug whereby the frame of the textbox displayed in Place Holders would appear in  magenta, with a logged message. (Paperblanks, 13-sep-2011)

(Unicode) Fixed a bug when exporting holidays with grouped columns. (Croxley, 7-sep-2011)

(Unicode) Fixed some issues with the updating process that were due to the way Windows 7 changes the timestamp of a file when it copies it. (Arti Grafiche, 2-sep-2011)



August 31, 2011 (build 13018)


New and Improved


(Unicode) The DB Messaging Plugin has been replaced by a remote table that logs database changes. This avoids issues that arose when a user disconnected improperly from the remote database server. It also permits the sharing of multiple site databases on the same server.

The list of individual dates for arbitrary dates recurring holidays is now sorted in reverse order so that the most-recent arbitrary dates appear at the top of the list.

Added a warning message if either the height or the width specified for your output file exceeds the QuarkXPress limit of 48 inches.

Added a warning message to indicate that a scanned template has locked layers (the message is generated for all the versions of QuarkXPress that feature layers, that is to say, QuarkXPress versions 5 and above.

Improved the speed of scanning, under QuarkXPress 7-8-9 in grids that have a large number of non-textbox objects. In some large grids the improvement is by a factor of 30.


Fixed and Corrected


The details of a template that has just been modified or re-scanned in the Templates Explorer is now immediately updated.

The date last modified is now immediately updated when you modify a recurring holiday rule (beforehand, one needed to click on another holiday, then on the modified holiday again to have the user interface display the new modified date).

The date last modified for arbitrary dates recurring holidays is now updated when you add, remove, or modify the list of arbitrary dates associated with a particular recurring holiday rule.



July 31, 2011 (build 12974)


New and Improved


Added code to handle the hitherto unknown case of a Hindi lunar calendar holiday that falls near the end of the Western New Year, and therefore can occur twice, or not at all, in a given Western year.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the Paragraph Formatting Options of GenTokens Options whereby some previously set colors would not be recognized after re-scanning.

Fixed a bug in the Email Technical Support whereby it would not send the Quark File table from the current script.



June 30, 2011 (build 12960)


New and Improved


(Unicode) Optimized the loading and saving of SarasSets, particularly over slow internet connections.

(Unicode) It is now possible to restore a Script that was not saved when connection to the database server was broken.

(Unicode) The option Auto-Save scripts is now set to true automatically if Q++Studio is running over the internet.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the SARAs Options dialog whereby the No Sara button would not clear the current selection of SARAs (Lett's, 13-june-2011).



May 31, 2011 (build 12932)


New and Improved


ASCII code special character markers can now be used in SARAs.

The worldwide public holidays updater can now be run over the internet to connect to a WAN Database server.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug which would prevent token replacement when there was more than one Delete Characters token in the same textbox (Paperblanks, 31-may-2011).

Fixed a bug whereby random additional characters would appear in the symbols of some of the Sun Options (Paperblanks, 30-may-2011)

The Q++Studio Unicode Workstation Installer was incorrectly requiring a screen resolution of 1280x1024 instead of 1024x768 (Arti Grafiche Johnson, 20-may-2011)

Added a run-time error if the XPress Tags that you supply to Q++Studio, for example in minicalendar options, are improperly formed. (Greenapple 11-may-2011)

Fixed a bug in the worldwide public holidays updater which would cause the updater not to purge obsolete public holidays (ie. one-off-public holidays from past years). This would have no adverse consequences, except making the data tables a bit larger than necessary.



April 30, 2011 (build 12891)


New and Improved


Q++Studio (workstation) is now compatible with Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

Improved the order and content of the design-time messages that are generated when a GridTemplate file is missing or is of the wrong version.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug which would occur when copying one-time-dates (Lett's 14-apr-2011)

Fixed a bug whereby the Slogans Sets database would sometimes not be open when importing Slogans (8-apr-2011)

Fixed a bug whereby a user's Preferences would be reset after Q++Studio had been closed improperly (Brepols, 1-apr-2011).



March 31, 2011 (build 12849)


New and Improved


Q++Studio is compatible with the final release version of QuarkXPress 9, which should be available to the public at the end of April 2011.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby special character markers (such as tabs or returns) would not get replaced when using stand-alone Saras (Simancas, 7-mar-2011).

Fixed a bug in the Current Day shading in minicalndars which would occur if the minicalendar was set to begin its weeks on Saturdays or Sundays (22-feb-2011).



February 28, 2011 (build 12834)


New and Improved


Q++Studio is now compatible with the beta version of QuarkXPress 9.


Fixed and Corrected


(ANSI) A bug when re-opening the current Script after re-scanning and re-inspecting all the QuarkXPress files of the current script (Burde, 4-feb-2011).

Fixed a confusing aspect of the Macros Options UI, whereby multiple macros would cancel the previous macro's textbox results shade and color changes if the following macro did not specify any shade or color change.



January 31, 2011 (build 12816)


New and Improved


Added and Insertion Rule option to insert weeks until the end of the month. Useful when inserting weekly grids in monthly grids.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby some of the macros being debugged would not be displayed in the Macros Debugger (28-jan-2011).

(Unicode) Fixed a bug whereby the source code of macros being debugged would not be displayed in the Macros Debugger. (Marks, 28-jan-2011).


Other Years


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.


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