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Q++Studio Release Notes 2007

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2007.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



December 31, 2007 (build 11988)


New and Improved


It is now possible to specify different colors/formatting for the numerator and denominator of the Xtags-formatted 23/30 and 24/31 fractions of 5-week minicalendars.

Q++Studio Unicode News: The new Unicode version of Q++Studio has reached an advanced beta stage, whereby all essential functionality is functioning correctly, and the only remaining issues are peripheral and mainly related to the user interface. In fact, clients in China and Poland are already using this beta version in production.

Added the option of using either CMYK or RGB color matching, on a script-by-script basis.

The output file inspection dialog now displays Unicode characters and scrollbars appear automatically, when necessary.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a problem with Xpress Tags formatted slogans. (Simancas, 22-dec-2007).

Fixed an erroneous warning message being issued when copying anchored boxes onto the right-side first page of an output file. (Yangjisa, 20-dec-2007).

Fixed a bug in the beta version of the Unicode version of Q++Studio, whereby colors applied to text would show  the proper color, visually, but the name of the color would be New color 1 instead of the required color name.(Tai Shing, 7-dec-2007).

Fixed a bug in the calculation of Rokuyos, during any Japanese lunar leap month.(Mark's, 6-dec-2007).



November 18, 2007 (build 11967)


New and Improved


Added a new token to delete text to the left or right; either for a set number of characters, or until the beginning/end of the box, or until all text overflow is removed.

Improved the speed of processing SARAs by a factor of almost 100.

Added a new feature called Variable Holiday Names that allows you, for the same holiday, to specify that the holiday's  name should appear differently if if has been moved from a weekend to the following Monday, or in some specific years.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby the macro compiler would generate code that made the instruction pointer jump to the wrong loop end, in the case of nested loops with multiple break or continue statements.(Brepols, 5-nov-2007).

Fixed a bug whereby Xpress Tags would not appear correctly if preceded by an anchored object.(Mark's, 31-oct-2007).

Fixed a bug whereby newly created holidays may sometimes be created with a non-zero ancestor ID. Not a problem in most cases, except in some complex macros.(Brepols, 26-oct-2007).

Fixed a bug in QuarkXPress 7, whereby drop shadow textboxes would be copied twice (Burde, 18-oct-2007).



October 16, 2007 (build 11938)


New and Improved


The code that detects if an instance of QuarkXPress is running has been improved to get around QuarkXPress 7's changing window names.

Increased the maximum number of pages allowed in an output file from 1000 to 1500.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby the page number of the page currently being SARAed would not be displayed properly using QuarkXPress 7 (Mark's Japan, 12-oct-2007).

Fixed a bug where the use of special tabulations in a one-line minicalendar, along with the use of macros to replace the dates, would result in formatting that ignored the macros' results (X-paper, 5-oct-2007).

Fixed a bug that would reset the tabulations and face attributes of GenTokens entries to the Normal style sheet (Tai Shing, 14-sep-2007, Vertical-7, 17-sep-2007).

Fixed a bug that would occur in some oddly structured templates, for example "1 week/12 pages" (Rhein Chile, 28-sep-2007).

Fixed a bug whereby using holidays symbols tokens or holidays abbreviations tokens to surround individual holidays in Multiple Holidays Options could cause an infinite loop (Paperblanks, 29-aug-2007, Tai Shing, 7-sep-2007).



August 19, 2007 (build 11905)


New and Improved


Finished the yearly review of predictive rules for the worldwide public holidays in all 194 countries and 48 semi-autonomous territories of the world.

Improved the speed of execution of long macros by 50%.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the Technical Support module that would send only partial attachments, if the script being sent was using sections (Brepols, 13-jul-2007).

Fixed a bug which would sometimes prevent very old script from being opened (Grandluxe, 5-jul-2007).



June 30, 2007 (build 11897)


New and Improved


Major Update to QuarkXPress Xtensions (all versions): As part of the porting to QuarkXPress 7, of the Q++Studio Xtension used to communicate with QuarkXPress, we have made many improvements to all versions of the xtension, including versions 4, 5 and 6. Most notably, pages from GridTemplates are now used to create new master pages in the output document, and all pages are then generated from these master pages. This means that page copying is much faster, many issues due to inter-document copying have disappeared, the resulting output file is much smaller if there are any images on the GridTemplates' pages, and the output file's  pages are all linked to their master pages, making it a snap to make small changes.

QuarkXPress 7 support update: We are ready to begin the public beta testing of QuarkXPress 7. If you are interested, please contact us (minimum required version is 7.2).

When using macro tokens with multiple macro indices, such as [1*1*3d] for example, it is no longer necessary to use the Included Macro option to be able to specify the options of the second macro index; that second macro index (and even 3rd and 4th eventually) are now automatically picked-up.

Whenever a scan is aborted due to a problem with the file being scanned, you are now given the opportunity to re-open that GridTemplate immediately, instead of having to go look for it manually.

Added a new:L suffix for week tokens, that tells Q++Studio to display the result of a week token on the following day, if there is a Moon phase on the date when it would usually be displayed.


Fixed and Corrected


Added a message to prevent users from exceeding QuarkXPress' maximum document page width, particularly for facing pages documents. (Fotolito Immagine, 29-jun-2007)

Added code to work around problems that might occur during the compilation of a macro. (Brepols, 27-jun-2007)

Fixed a bug in the issuing of the message that the maximum number of iterations was reached. (Filofax, 25-jun-2007)

The 23/30 and 24/31 Xpress Tags values of Minicalendar Preferences were not being applied to new scripts (Paperblanks, 7-jun-2007).



May 29, 2007 (build 11874)


New and Improved


QuarkXPress 7 support update: Version 7.3 of QuarkXPress did not fix the bug whereby tabs were being deleted when importing XPress tags, but we managed to find a workaround. That was the last major hurdle and therefore we are ready to begin beta testing of QuarkXPress 7.

Added a new:L suffix for week tokens, that tells Q++Studio to display the result of a week token on the following day, if there is a Moon phase on the date when it would usually be displayed.


Fixed and Corrected


The code for the QuarkXPress Xtensions, versions 4-5-6, has been optimized and several potential bugs have been removed.



April 30, 2007 (build 11862)


New and Improved


Added the possibility of using a macro to calculate and format the week numbers markers and weekday markers in minicalendars.

Added additional macro functions to calculate various astronomical events, such as the dates of the shortest and longest days, earliest and latest sunrise and sunset, as well as the dates of eclipses.

Unicode support update: The database has now been fully converted to one that natively supports Unicode, and is fully client-server. The conversion of the user interface is almost complete, but we still have a lot of work to convert all the text manipulation routines from ASCII to Unicode. For the moment, diaries with basic day-week-month-year tokens, as well as most simple holidays tokens, are functioning properly with languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean, as well as pairs of languages such as Russian-Polish, Greek-Turkish, ...

QuarkXPress 7 support update: Almost all of the existing scripts can now be generated using QuarkXPress 7, except for those that make use of XPress Tags, and where  the tabulations are important (this is a bug recognized by Quark Inc and which they hope to fix in version 7.3, whose release date has not been announced, yet). Although the speed of QuarkXPress 7 remains somewhat of an issue, particularly at startup, we have managed to optimize text replacement for both version 7 and 6, which means that text replacement in version 6 will also improve. Finally, the version Xtension now accepts Unicode, allowing us to successfully test diaries that natively use Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Less obvious, the support for Unicode also makes it easy to generate European diaries with mixed codepages (for example: Russian-Polish, or Hungarian-Greek, ...).


Fixed and Corrected


A bug was fixed, whereby 23/30 and 24/31 fractions would appear at the beginning of 5-week months, when the month before had a 23 or 24 on the last week, and the current month needed 6 weeks (as is the case for March 2008).



February 23, 2007 (build 11845)


New and Improved


Made the behaviour of filled tokens and padded tokens, inside a macro token, more intuitive. Previously, padding and filling would only be applied to any token that might be contained in the result of a macro. Now, this behaviour remains, if a macro's result contains tokens, but in addition, if the result of the macro is text that does not contain any tokens, then the filling or padding is applied to the macro token as a whole, in a manner similar to the way filling or padding tokens behave normally.

First beta of the new version of Q++Studio with full Unicode support in both the database and the user interface.

First beta of the new version of Q++Studio with QuarkXPress 7 support.

Added macro functions to calculate dates of the Korean Lunar calendar.

Added a new option to display holidays abbreviations: No Duplicates (not sorted). This added option can be used to ensure that there are no duplicated abbreviations as a result of the use of an [fâ]..[fû] token, while maintaining the order in which the holidays sets are specified in the aeiou-Holidays.


Fixed and Corrected


The message, that warns of the use of colors not defined in any of the grids used in the current script, was not being properly logged, and as a result, although it did appear in the messages window during diary generation, if it was the only message, then one did not see it at the end of diary generation. (Letts, 21-feb-2007)

Added a message, to warn you if you try to enter more than the maximum allowed number of Holidays Sets in the aeiou-Holidays property. In addition, fixed a small bug which generated an user interface exception, if you did try to select more than 127 sets. (Letts, 20-feb-2007)

Fixed an erroneous warning about using non-existent Muslim calendars, a warning which would appear since the Singapore MUIS calendar was added to the built-in list of Muslim calendars, last December (note that, after applying this update, you will need to re-generate holidays once to get rid of that spurious message).

The second page of generated outputs in QuarkXPress 6.5 would sometimes be based on a non-facing master page. This problem should now be fixed, although it never did cause any noticeable problem.

Some of the output files under QuarkXPress 6.5 would have 2 default base layers. Q++Studio now automatically removes the empty, unneeded layer.


Other Years


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.


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