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Q++Studio Release Notes 2006

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2006.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



December 16, 2006 (build 11822)


New and Improved


Added the option of specifying that Lunisolar and Solar holidays were based on the Poya definition of the day. This makes the predictions of Sri Lanka's Full Moon Poya Days even more accurate (matching all official published data for the period of 2003-2007).


Added a new built-in Muslim calendar, the Singapore MUIS, which allows for an exact prediction of Muslim holidays in Singapore.


Q++Studio now checks both the timestamp and file size of any Quark file, to determine if it needs to be re-scanned. This is needed, because sometimes, using QuarkXPress 5 and 6, to save files over a network, the file's timestamp does not get updated.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a user interface bug whereby the Moon Data calculation option, Use Fixed Disk Size, remained invisible, meaning that if you had changed its default value in the Preferences, between 2 scripts, you could get results that varied by a minute, even if all the visible options were the same. (EDICA, 1-Dec-2006)


Fixed a bug whereby Quark could crash if it did not find the textbox it was looking for.



October 16, 2006 (build 11801)


New and Improved


Added the possibility of using 2-digits to display the @ markers of a minicalendar.


Added the possibility of using a macro to replace the @ markers of a minicalendar. This now gives you virtually total control over the  textual values and, using the FormatText macro function, formatting of the dates inside a minicalendar


Fixed and Corrected


When automatically re-inspecting a Quark File file, if the inspection generated any error, then the errors would be ignored, potentially leading to another file being selected, or none at all. (Brepols, 12-oct-2006)


Fixed a user interface bug whereby it was possible to select one of the read-only Sun or Moon data sources in one of your own holidays sets. This means that upon updating the Q++Studio Worldwide Public Holidays Database your holidays set would loose its link to that read-only Sun or Moon data source. (Ajasto and Letts, 20-sep-2006)



August 22, 2006 (build 11782)


New and Improved


The Q++Studio Worldwide Public Holidays Database has been fully reviewed, revised and expanded, as of August 2006, and now includes 239 countries and territories (Serbia and Montenegro became 2 countries in June 2006, and we added an entry for the West Bank and Gaza). An installer that can update your current samples holidays database is included in this update, but it does not get run automatically. Please contact us if you need any assistance.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby the value of the Start Grid On grid option was not being saved. (Grieg, 22-aug-2006)



June 30, 2006 (build 11759)


New and Improved


This help file/manual now contains summary pages that display all the major tokens by category, for easy reference. The main ones are: day tokens, week tokens, month tokens, year tokens, holidays tokens and minicalendar tokens.


You can now display dates of the Indian Saka calendar using Saka Calendar tokens.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a visual UI bug whereby the holidays symbol font override option would round off the new font size to the nearest integer, rather than keeping the decimal place. This was only a visual bug, because the full precision value was still being saved to the database and used properly in scripts. (Letts, 29-june-2006)


Fixed a bug whereby the setting Show on First Day of the Month was being ignored in the Partial First Week Options of one-line minicalendars for which there is a w# on every possible date. (Simancas, 27-june-2006)


Fixed a bug whereby specifying that some text or element should be changed to black would result in Registration, instead. This bug was never noticed before, as most grids used black tokens that, if changed in color, are changed to another color than black. (Diarpell, Fotolito Immagine, 29-may-2006)


The value of the Occurs Every Year setting of Arbitrary Dates holidays was not being saved, which meant that all arbitrary dates holidays were being treated as occurring every year, generating needless, but harmless, warning messages. (22-may-2006)


Fixed a bug whereby diary generation would stop if you were using the :ignOD suffix without any token inside the braces. A proper, non-fatal, error message is now generated in response to such errors. (Filofax, 18-may-2006)


Fixed a bug whereby, in response to message 175365, selecting the option to clear out all GenTokens2 settings would actually clear out all GenTokens1 settings instead. (17-may-2006)



May 14, 2006 (build 11746)


New and Improved


Important: Changes to the Q++Studio Sample Holidays database for Argentina, Colombia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Added 4 new minicalendar tokens modifiers, to allow one to override the vertical or horizontal alignment for each individual minicalendar independently..


Added 2 new tokens, one new offset can be used to display the current year (ie. the year of today), and the other token can be used to display the Job/Reference Number. These tokens are useful when you wish to display different reference numbers, using the same GridTemplates, or when you need to display the copyright year, regardless of the year of the diary being produced.


Improved the error and warning reporting during the inspection of Plain Quark Files. In particular, Q++Studio now issues a warning if you try to inspect a Plain Quark File that contains objects that are fully off either of the pages (ie. on the pasteboard).


Improved the log of changes generated during the updating of the World Holidays database. The log now differentiates between a change of name, a change of observance, and a change of recurrence rule, or any combination thereof.


Added a warning if you have objects whose X position is negative (ie. they bleed off the left side of the page) on a page that will be the very first page of the generated diary. (Mayland 24-apr-2006)


The chapter on installation has been re-written completely.


Fixed and Corrected


Added a workaround fix to the QuarkXPress bug, whereby applying a change of font and baseline shift results in a baseline shift that is not the same as the one requested, but rather the requested baseline shift, scaled by the ratio of the size change. (Arti Grafiche Johnson, 11-may-2006)


Fixed a bug whereby the values selected for the Break-up equally if too long option of Holidays Abbreviations Display Options would not be saved after a script was closed. (Simancas, 5-may-2006)


Fixed a bug in the user interface, whereby it was not possible to select any file with the QXP extension (QuarkXPress 6 and above, project files) for inspection. (Filofax, 27-apr-2006)


Important: Sometimes, when using a template as seed for the generated diary, some of the first objects of the first generated page of the diary would be ignored by QuarkXPress with a message that these objects are invalid and are being skipped. This problem has now been fixed with a workaround that has worked in every case  so far. (Filofax, 24-apr-2006)


Added some code to work around the problem of objects which are visually on a right page, but because of their (0,0) origin off the page to the left, QuarkXPress treats them as belonging to the left page. In the past an error message would indicate that these objects had been ignored by QuarkXPress. Now, Q++Studio tries to anticipate and compensate for that type of problem. Note that you will get a special message for every time that Q++Studio compensates for this page shift (these messages will allow you to verify that the compensation was justified). (Fotolito Immagine, Diarpell, 21-apr-2006)


Improved the Use Template as Seed property for single-line generation, so that the seed template used is the template of the single script line, and not that of the Main Grid as is usually the case.


All the dead links in the documentation have been fixed or removed.



April 15, 2006 (build 11719)


New and Improved


Objects that are fully off any page are now identified during scanning, and a message is issued.


Added a new year token, [year], to display the year of the current script.


Important: Update to the Q++Studio Sample Holidays database with changes for Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic , El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. Most of these changes involve the removal of holidays which our local sources told us were not, or no longer, officially/nationally observed, but there also some new holidays and holidays whose day in lieu rules change beginning in 2006 or 2007. For Q++Studio users, an updater to the Q++Studio holidays database can be downloaded from the updates page.


Improved the options proposed to you in response to the message that a GridTemplate or a Plain Quark File needs re-scanning. You are now only offered the option to re-scan all GridTemplates and/or all Quark Files, if more than one of these actually needs to be re-scanned. This reduces the list of proposed options to the one that are really relevant.


A new minicalendar modifier, 3 and 6 months range, allows you to restrict the range of absolute minicalendars so that you can use the same 6 minicalendars to show the months from Jan to June during the first half of the year and the months of July to December for the second half of the year (the same is also possible for a range of 3 months.


You can now specify that the holidays symbols separator (the text that is used to separate individual holidays symbols) should use the font of the current holidays set.


Added new a new type of token, Holidays Response Tokens, which can be used to display some text (including also special characters) if and only if the result of converting many holidays tokens is different from a blank space. This can be used, for example, after a series of holidays tokens such as [1fa][1fâ][1fe][1î] to separate them from the next line, but only if the preceding tokens evaluate to something.


Added new outside days minicalendar modifiers, allowing you even more control over the way outside days are displayed in minicalendars, and even which outside days are displayed in each individual minicalendar. For example, you can now specify that one minicalendar should show the outside days before the month, while another minicalendar of the same grid should show only the outside days after the month.


Important: You can now specify, using the Use Template as Seed property, that the generated output file  of a script should use the Main Grid of your script instead of a blank page. This means that the QuarkXPress preferences of your Main Grid can now be applied automatically to generated output files.


Fixed and Corrected


One of the temporary tables, the one containing the list of design-time messages that are currently disabled, would not get repaired properly, in the extremely rare cases when that table did get damaged. (Ajasto, 13-apr-2006)


Message 177080, warning you if there are more than one minicalendar tokens in the same textbox, would not appear if the initial minicalendar token contained an Embedded DayValue Modifier. (Yangjisa, 14-apr-2006)


The minimum value allowed for the Break after max char number setting of the Holidays Symbols Display Options and Holidays Abbreviations Display Options was zero, which, if left unchanged could cause a divide by zero error. The minimum value allowed has now been increased to 1 to avoid such accidental problems. (Letts, 13-apr-2006)


The determination of which dates were part of the current spread (ie. the 2 currently facing pages) missed some of the dates from the previous grid in cases when the grid's first page was a right page, and hence the page to the left of the first page could be the last page of the previous grid. (Rhein, 6-apr-2006)


Made the message 178180 (missing slug; cannot locate object to be deleted) non-fatal. That is to say,  a warning is now issued but diary generation does not stop anymore. This message could be erroneously generated if you had too many levels of grouping (ie. groups within other groups). (EDICA, 5-apr-2006)


A new message 178165 (box not valid - skipping) alerts you to the fact that in some cases, the tokens in the last object of the first page of a generated diary are not replaced under QuarkXPress 6. A workaround that has been found to work in all cases is proposed in the corresponding help topic. (Filofax and D'Vinni, mar/apr-2006)


Files with the QXP extension (Quark versions 6 and above) were not visible in the Output Filename property dialog. (DVinni, 3-apr-2006)


The Rename Macro menu item in the Macros Editor did not do anything. (DVinni, 3-apr-2006)


Clicking on the Minicalendar Options button in the Preferences dialog opened the wrong property dialog. (DVinni, 3-apr-2006)


The Update button of the Slogans Options property dialog would remain disabled under certain conditions. (DVinni, 1-apr-2006)


No error message was being generated if you forgot to put a dot after the week number in Minicalendar Weekly Bands tokens. (DVinni, 30-mar-2006)


The saved value of the Ignore Refraction option of the Moon data Sources property of a script would be overwritten and reset to false in almost all cases. (Letts, 29-mar-2006)


Some of the Holidays Display Options for holidays symbols tokens would not be saved from one run to the next. (D'Vinni, 28-mar-2006)


If a month had 4 or 5 partial weeks only, then bottom-aligned minicalendars' weekly bands would show up on some the the first blank lines of the month. (D'Vinni, 27-mar-2006)


Empty, but formatted, lines in the GenTokens options would be generated after the end of the month, when GenTokens were used inside a minicalendar that was inside a monthly grid that used both the options Backtrack Every Month and Start on the Week of the First of the Month. (Filofax, 24-mar-2006)


When exporting holidays using the All Holidays (Basic) option the Holidays Sets' names of one-time-dates would not be displayed. (Tai Shing, 21-mar-2006)


The Atl2 alternative minicalendar font format would actually use the Alt1 format. (Filofax, 21-Mar-2006).



March 16, 2006 (build 11671)


New and Improved


We have implemented a new type of holidays recurrence rule: South-East Asian. This new rule type allows for an even better prediction of future dates of some of the more difficult holidays of Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. An updater to the Q++Studio Sample Holidays database will soon be released with updated rules for these 3 countries.


Important: You can now use GridTemplates that contains layers.


The maximum point size that can be used is SARAs, to either search or replace, has been increased from 144 to 512.


Added support for QuarkXPress Middle East Version, allowing you to typeset diaries and calendars in Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi, natively.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a problem whereby the ignore outside days suffix (:ignOD) would not be applied to any tokens contained in the result of a macro token that did contain that suffix. (Mayland, 16-Mar-2006).


The number of weeks minicalendar offset would not work for more than a 9 weeks offset. This has now been increased to a possible range of -99 to +99. (Mayland, 16-Mar-2006).


Added a design-time message to warn you if the page range selection used in a post-processing Sara is incorrect (Burde, 10-Mar-2006).


Fixed an error in the rule of the National Day in The Maldives, leading to its date appearing a day later than intended in 2006 in the World Holidays database.


The option to generate transparent EPS files from a Quark document was not working properly (the EPS files were not transparent). This is now fixed.  (Rhein, 6-Mar-2006)


Important: Under some conditions, the deletion of grouped boxes, or anchored boxes could cause problems. If you have scripts with grouped boxes, or anchored boxes that are causing problems, make sure you download and install this update.  (Diarpell, 2-Mar-2006)


Important: QuarkXPress could get confused and crash, if a script made many changes in a long series of linked boxes. We have now added a workaround that avoids that problem. If you have scripts with linked boxes that are causing problems, make sure you download and install this update.  (Mayland, 2-Mar-2006)


Fixed a problem whereby the warning messages 177045, 177050 and 177055 would not be issued at design-time, if the data source being referred to had been deleted.  (Diarpell, 21-Feb-2006)



February 19, 2006 (build 11635)


New and Improved


You can now specify that the tab positions calculated by Q++Studio in the Special Tabulations used in one-line minicalendars should be calculated from a fixed point to the right, rather than a fixed point to the left. This allows you to easily create one-line minicalendars that are right-aligned and still allow you to have, for example, extra space between Sundays and Mondays.


Added new options to better control the layout of holidays symbols and holidays abbreviations. You can now specify that there should be a maximum number of symbols or abbreviations on each line, and whether the remainder partial line should be at the top or the bottom.


A new Seasons token [se#] allows you to display the season number (spring=1 ... winter=4). This is useful in zap tokens.


A new version of the Sun in Zodiac tokens allows you to also display the zodiac symbol or name, on the last day of a sign, by using an uppercase Z (ie. [sZ] and [sZn]).


In the event of a Quark crash, the messages generated by Quark before crashing are now salvaged and can be viewed along with other run-time messages.


You can combine a conditional month and a conditional year token into a conditional month and year token.These new tokens are particularly useful with a token filler, because that filler applies to the combination of the 2 tokens, not to each individual token. So, you are placing a line return in the filler, you do not get 2 line returns when the year changes.


The dialog used to copy Saras from another set has been overhauled. The list of available Saras is now displayed using the Advanced Data Grid which allows you to better locate the Saras you wish to select using filtering, sorting and grouping.


You can now export slogans, retaining any Xpress Tags formatting, and in a format that allows you to re-import them into Q++Studio, after having made changes to them.


New messages inform you when there are minor and major updates to he Q++Studio Sample World Holidays Database available for downloading from the web. To view the list of the most recent changes to the world holidays, and access the link to download the updater, click here.


Fixed and Corrected


Sometimes, the use of a [BOXFIT] token would have no effect if there was no text overflow to begin with in the GridTemplate (ie. before token replacement). (Burde, 7-Feb-2006)


Textboxes inside another textbox (anchored textboxes) were not always being deleted. (EDICA, 15-Feb-2006)


The function Fill Set with Symbol, in the Holidays Manager, did not use the current Holidays Set's Default Symbol font, if that font name contained spaces. (EDICA, 15-Feb-2006)


Planetary data export using location at high latitudes (over 55 degrees of latitude north) could fail if a lunar or solar eclipse extended over more than 1 day (from first to last contact). (Burde, 8-Feb-2006)


Post-Processing Saras would not be performed if a page range was not specified (a blank page range should have meant to use all pages, but this was not the case). (Burde, 6-Feb-2006)


Corrected spelling mistakes in the names of both Muslim Eids for Sri Lanka in the World Holidays database. This only affected the displayed name and did not affect the calculated dates (our thanks to Syed, a visitor to our web site, from India).


The nightly backup would only backup QuarkXPress files with the Quark File extension, missing out all the QXP files. This only mattered if you saved files as the new QXP project document in QuarkXPress 6, which is not recommended anyways, as this format is on average 400% bigger than the exact same file in the Quark File format.


Exporting Slogans would generate blank lines for the Slogans that did not contain any text, but rather a link to a Slogans Library. (Simancas, 18-Jan-2006)



January 20, 2006 (build 10585)


New and Improved


The Q++Studio Sample World Holidays Database was updated for Bolivia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Morocco, Singapore and Taiwan. The corresponding installer/updater can be downloaded from here.


All the options that check if a date belongs to the current spread (such as the current day options in minicalendar options) now verify if the facing page belongs to the same grid, so that if the facing page is an inserted page (for example a monthly insert) or the current page is the very first or very last page. In such cases it makes sure that dates that would have been on the facing page are not counted as being part of the spread for the current page.


It is now possible to use current day and current week minicalendar paragraph formatting if the 5-week setting is used, as long as the wrap to top option is also used.


Added a warning if a minicalendar is specified to be showing 6 weeks, but only contains 35 @ day markers.


The code of the Xtensions used by Q++Studio to communicate with the internal QuarkXPress was entirely refurbished to remove any dependence upon a database engine, from any of the Quark processes (scanning, generating, ...). This has the immediate advantage that Quark crashes will become even less frequent, and when they happen, it will not be necessary to restart Q++Studio anymore. The longer term advantages are that it will allow us to choose a new database for Q++Studio, one that allows for multiple sites to be connected together via the internet, and one that will support Unicode entries natively, when QuarkXPress 7 comes out at the end of 2006.


Major review of the documentation. Most of the topics that were under construction have been completed, and many have been updated to reflect changes over the last 12 months.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug whereby the text attributes of the first non-breaking hyphen on a line would be lost, reverting to the attributes of the default style sheet. (Yangjisa, 20-jan-2006)


The run-time warning 177945 (there are only 35 "@" MiniCal date markers, but "5-Week" option is not set) would sometimes be generated even in cases when the minicalendar was using minicalendar modifiers that clearly indicated that the number of @ markers being 35 did make sense (for example if the minicalendar token was using 5 weeks override or number of weeks minicalendar modifiers). (Yangjisa, 17-jan-2006)


When editing the Output File property, the filename currently displayed was not proposed as default. This is now fixed. (Simancas, 17-Jan-2006)


The run-time warning that No Moon data source is selected was sometimes not generated. This was usually not a problem as you got a design-time warning beforehand about the same problem. Now, the run-time warning is also generated. (Simancas, 17-Jan-2006)


Fixed a glitch in the user interface of the diary generation messages dialog, whereby message 176450 was not linked to the correct help topic (ie. if you clicked on that specific message, then the wrong help topic was displayed). (Simancas, 17-Jan-2006)


Fixed an annoying behaviour of the user interface of the Saras Manager, whereby the value entered in the  spinedit controls would be validated before the user had time to enter the full value. So, for example, a user typing in 80 in a control whose minimum value was 25 would get a message that the minimum value was 25, after typing the first "8" digit, and before he had time to type the following "0" digit.


Fixed a bug whereby, in certain cases, the special characters token for non-breaking hyphens would be replaced by a discretionary hyphen instead. (Grieg, 9-jan-2006)


Fixed a bug in the astronomical calculations whereby the search for the next lunar occultation could, under some rare circumstances, take a long long time (essentially making Q++Studio appear to have frozen).


Other Years


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.


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