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Q++Studio Release Notes 2005

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2005.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



December 23, 2005 (build 11528)


New and Improved


Improved the code used by Q++Studio to estimate the number of pages required to display a given daily grid from a starting date to an end date, if the daily grid uses an exotic structure containing 7 days exactly (eg. 7 days on 10 pages). In such cases, the number of pages was almost always underestimated, by shaving off partial weeks at the beginning and end of the date range. Now the number of pages is rounded up to ensure that a full number of weeks is always included.


It is now possible to specify additional options for the calculations for sunrises/sunsets and moonrises/moonsets. You can now specify specify that Q++Studio should ignore the effects of atmospheric refraction, and/or be based on the moment when the center, or the bottom, of the disk is visible, or ignore the effect of the variable distance between the Sun and the Earth and the Moon and the Earth. These options are all non-standard and not recommended, but they are made available because some of your clients may insist on your using them to reproduce their data.


Added new variants of the start of week token, so that you can easily show week related tokens (such as week number, week name, ...) not only on the first day of the week, but also on the first of every month, or every 3 or 6 or 12 months. This is particularly useful in planners.


Added a new option, occurs every year, to arbitrary dates holidays. By setting this option to false, you can avoid spurious warning messages about missing years for specific arbitrary dates holidays.


Scanning and scripts lock files are now automatically deleted as part of the nightly database maintenance, and also when a user launches Q++Studio and no other user is connected. This prevents false warnings about scanning locks or scripts locks.


The speed of grid scanning has been improved by only extracting Xpress Tags information when needed (ie. when comparing 2 Quark files, or when importing a Quark file as Slogan). At the same time, the need for the Q++Broker has been removed, which should add some speed and stability to the scanning process.



Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a small memory leak that would occur every time a diary was generated with some of its Saras either disabled, or covering a range of pages entirely outside of the current range of pages being generated.


Under QuarkXPress 6, the replacement of text by Xpress tags behaves differently than under QuarkXPress 4 and 5. Under QuarkXPress 6, the font name of the replaced text is lost during the replacement leading to unexpected results where the font of the replaced text is that of the Normal style sheet rather than that of the original text. This problem, which was particularly noticeable in the Xpress tags insertion of 23/30 and 24/31 in minicalendars, has now been fixed.


If, inside a zap token, you were using a token that required font or text attributes replacement (for example the [â] holidays symbol token), then the warning message 176240 was being generated erroneously. This did not cause any actual problems but could be confusing. (Tai Shing, 2-dec-2005)



November 15, 2005 (build 11446)


New and Improved


The default value for the MAX_NUM_ITERATIONS compiler directive has been increased from 50 to 400, which should cover most cases when the lower default value would cause errors for users who tried to modify an existing macro.


The user interface of the Scripts Explorer was improved when copying/moving multiple scripts and when deleting multiple scripts. A progress bar is now displayed during multiple deletions, and if a script is copied/moved to a folder that already contains a script of the same name, then a message displays the last modification date and diary year of both the target and source scripts to allow you to better decide if the target script should be overwritten.


It is now possible to specify if the EPS page generated from a QuarkXPress document should be transparent or not.


The sample holidays rules database was updated following the October 6th, 2005, official changes to public holidays in Lebanon. If this country is used in your diaries, contact us to obtain the latest update.


The application error reporting has been improved again. The location of an application error is now reported more accurately, helping tech support to pinpoint the source of an error better while requiring less information from the user. Also, most of the logs are now automatically attached to the error reports sent by email, and these and the screenshot are now zipped (unless you are using the save attachments as .z files option, in which case the files are not compressed).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a glitch in the Scripts Explorer interface, which would cause a non-blocking error to occur if the last used scripts path had been deleted or was using non-ASCII characters. (Ajasto, 14-nov-2005)


Fixed a bug in the Holidays Manager user interface, whereby an error would appear when trying to save a Muslim holiday that only began in future years (ie. that was not yet official in the current year, as is the case following the changes in Lebanon's public holidays in October 2005, which only take effect in 2006).


Fixed a bug that would occur only in obscure cases if a script was inserting an odd number of pages within a 14 day on 14 pages grid. In those cases, a spurious blank page would be inserted by Q++Studio, instead of jumping by 7 pages to the following page of the same date but opposite sidedness. (Moestue, 28-oct-2005)



October 25, 2005 (build 11412)


New and Improved


The number of, and status (visible/invisible) of, the tool palettes under QuarkXPress 6 are now saved and restored at the end of scanning or diary generation.


Added a new property, Add Buffer End Pages, to get around some rare problems when QuarkXPress freezes when saving the output file of a successfully generated diary.


The dialog used to display scanning messages has been improved to allow the sorting and grouping of messages, as well as the display the page preview, textbox contents and help topic related to each message.


Design-time messages are now displayed with the red/important errors at the top, followed by the yellow warnings and then the white hints.


Added an option to Break-up equally if too long. This relates to the holidays abbreviation tokens ([fâ]..[fû]).


The sample holidays rules database was updated using local information for the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela. If these countries are used in your diaries, contact us to obtain the latest update.


In the Holidays Manager, for holidays whose dates depend on a possible conflict with another holiday, the rule description now shows the full name of the conflict holiday (previously, only the ID was displayed).


You can now purge one-time-dates that are in the past and are no longer needed (or that you wish to replace by re-importing them from an Excel file).


You can now use any of the colors defined in any of the DiaryGridLines' GridTemplates in a script, in the Post-Processing Saras.


You can now choose to skip all the sample holidays when generating holidays. Depending on the size of the holidays data you have created since installation, this can mean that holidays generation now takes 10 times less time than before.


You can now delete entire folders and sub-folders of holidays.


A message now warns you if you have created an arbitrary dates holiday and have forgotten to enter any dates for that holiday (apparently a common occurrence).


In the Holidays Manager, you can now access the properties of a holidays set directly by double-clicking on that set in the treeview in the left pane.


Added a new macro function to allow you to specify that different parts of the result of a macro should be formatted differently (before, the resulting format could only be applied to the entire textual result of the macro).


Fixed and Corrected


If a USB key was attached to a Q++Studio workstation, Q++Studio would sometimes think that the installation was corrupted. This is now fixed, but you will need to contact technical support to get a new license key.


Fixed a bug whereby Q++Studio would ignore the use of DayValue Marker tokens when determining if a date was part of any of the dates in a spread. This usually did not have any impact, except if you had tokens with forward dates (eg. [31d] to show the date 30 days ahead) and also a series of 12 minicalendars and were using the option Any date in spread matches Minical month to shade more than one minicalendar at the time when a change of month occurred over the 2 pages of a spread. (Rhein, 12/10/2005)


Fixed a bug whereby Q++Studio would not save the values specified for the Hol/Hol Separators of the Saints Display Options. (Rhein, 12/10/2005)


After updating the source code of a macro, Q++Studio did not issue the expected design-time message warning that the updated macro was not compiled. This is now fixed. (Letts, 10/10/2005)


Fixed a rare bug that occurred in one week on 2 pages grids, scanned as daily grids, if all 7 days were on the same page. In such cases, the page preview and first step of diary generation would freeze. (Letts, 7/10/2005)


Fixed the summer time rules for all the cities of Chile, in the samples cities database used to create Sun sources, Moon sources, Muslim sources and astronomical data sources. The incorrect setting (no summer time change) could easily be corrected manually, but it was easy to overlook. (Rhein, 10/10/2005)


Fixed a bug whereby Q++Studio would sometimes not issue the warning messages that warn you that some solar, lunisolar or Muslim holidays referred to non-existent sun, moon or Muslim calendars souces would be missed. (Moestue, 9/10/2005)


Fixed a rare bug in the evaluation of the FormatText macro function, whereby some format elements of nested formatting (eg. formatting in a color, text that has already been formatted before) would be missed. (Letts, 5/10/2005)


The default year for arbitrary dates holidays is now set to next year, as opposed to the previous year, before. (Brepols, 4/10/2005)


Fixed a bug whereby the # character used in ASCII special character markers would be mistaken with the # character used in the text to be repeated in GenTokens options. This bug would cause ASCII special character markers to be improperly replaced, but only if these were used inside GenTokens options. (Vertical-7, 3/10/2005)


Added extra protection and a message if you accidentally try to scan a Quark File instead of a GridTemplate and this plain Quark File has more than 16 pages. (Simancas, 3/10/2005)


Fixed a minor bug in the Technical Support function whereby the holidays sets' Sun Data Sources used by your current script would not be included in the email sent. (Burde, 28/9/2005)


Fixed a very minor bug whereby the use of holidays images tokens would be confused in the design-time messages window for Muslim tokens. This only caused a false warning message, but did not have any effect on the generated output. (Burde, 27/9/2005)


Fixed a minor bug in the Holidays Manager user interface, whereby the last modified date of a holidays set would not be updated to its creation date, if the set only contained one-time-dates, and no recurring holidays. (Letts, 26/9/2005)


Fixed the time zone offset for the cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, in the samples cities database used to create Sun sources, Moon sources, Muslim sources and astronomical data sources. The incorrect time zone value (GMT+3 instead of GMT+2) could easily be corrected manually, but it was easy to overlook. (Ajasto, 23/9/2005)


Improved the occurrence of problems if you are generating a facing pages diary with few pages (typically less than 5) that uses Xpress Tags using QuarkXPress 6 (eg. using [GenTokens] and Minicalendar Paragraph Formatting). (Yangjisa, 19/9/2005)



September 19, 2005 (build 11337)


New and Improved


Holidays rules based on the Chinese and Korean lunar calendars can now specify that a holiday only happens in leap months.


You can now specify default Saints and Namedays Display Options in the Preferences.


The speed of grid scanning and diary generation, using QuarkXPress version 6.5, has been dramatically increased (by a factor of 2 to 3, depending on the cases) for workstations that have a low-end video card (or none at all). This should make the transition to QuarkXPress 6 much easier for users whose current workstations did not meet the specified hardware requirements.


You can now specify recurring holidays based on the Korean Calendar and also Korean calendars tokens. that display.


Added the tokens [MP] and [SZ] to show the current Moon phase and Zodiac sign on everyday.


Fixed and Corrected


Added a message to warn you if you are generating a facing pages diary with few pages (typically less than 5) that uses Xpress Tags using QuarkXPress 6. Examples of tokens and features that use Xpress Tags are [GenTokens] and Minicalendar Paragraph Formatting. In such cases, Q++Studio will automatically switch the output file style to non-facing pages.


The Diary Generation Status dialog can now be forcibly closed even if QuarkXPress has crashed, or is in an infinite loop. This avoids having to close Q++Studio forcibly, and also automatically kills QuarkXPress.


Got rid of the spurious appearance of message 172310 when using the [sep:] token.


Fixed a bug whereby Minicalendar Paragraph formatting would sometime revert to the Normal style sheet definitions, when using QuarkXPress 5 (Büroodisain, 13/9/2005).


Fixed a bug whereby the settings of a [BOXFIT] token would get mixed with the settings of a previous [BOXFIT] token, if that other token was on the same page and set to grow in another direction than the first token (Burde, 26/8/2005).


Fixed a problem with the picture alignment of images used in holidays, whereby the top-left and centered alignments were interchanged (Tai Shing, 26/8/2005).



August 17, 2005 (build 11266)


New and Improved


The Q++Studio Help File has been improved with the addition, in the topic header, of the position of the current topic in the navigation hierarchy. This is useful to see the overall context in which the current topic appears. Also, each of the topics shown can be clicked on to easily jump to any of the parent topics of the current topic.


The Q++Studio Web Help has been improved with the addition of full-text searching and of the position of the current topic in the navigation hierarchy (the same as for the Windows CHM Help, above).


The sample database of world holidays has been fully reviewed, revised and expanded, as of July 2005, and now includes detailed comments on regional holidays, days in lieu, for 237 countries and territories. An installer that can update your current samples holidays database is included in this update, but it does not get run automatically. Please contact us if you need any assistance.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed an extremely rare bug in the FindNextHolidayOnDate macro function which would cause the macro interpreter to go into an infinite loop if one of the holidays found was the very last holiday of the set.


Fixed a bug whereby, in a one-line minicalendar for the following month, the $$ DayHeaders, would not be formatted as requested for dates that did not belong to the current month of the current diary spread. (Letts, 20/7/2005)


Fixed a bug whereby Q++Studio would allow Sara actions to try to kern the last character of a textbox, with an anchored box placed before the end of the textbox. This would not cause QuarkXPress to crash, but it  cause QuarkXPress to display a message that the file was corrupted beyond repair when one attempted to open that file.



July 14, 2005 (build 11250)


New and Improved


The format of the Q++Studio Web Help has been dramatically improved. The table of contents is now dynamic and loads almost instantaneously, even with slow internet connections, and the online help now features a full-text search.


Double sunrises and sunsets (ie. days when the Sun rises or sets 2 times) were not being identified. This only affects calculations for cities above the Arctic Circle, with latitudes exceeding 66 degrees North. (Ajasto, 7/7/2005)


Improved the way that the Macros Code Editor behaves when compiling lengthy macros (macros that require scrolling to be viewed in their entirety). The current position of the editor (ie. the top visible line) is now saved before compilation and restored afterwards, if the macro was compiled without any compilation errors.


You can now import Slogans from a plain QuarkXPress file. (Brepols, 30/6/2005)


You can now easily update the contents of a macro from a QPX file (usually sent by technical support). Before you confirm the replacement of the existing macro, a file comparer allows you to see how much the macro being used differs from the existing one.


Added a new run-time message to warn you if the numerical value used in a macro to change the color of the token text and/or background is not one of the GridTemplate's defined colors. (Mayland, 29/6/2005)


A new message appears when scanning, to warn you if the file you are scanning uses sections. As discussed in the GridTemplate construction guidelines, this is a potential source of errors and is often  overlooked when trying to identify problems encountered when generating a diary.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a bug in the messages window, whereby the wrong macro would be opened or re-compiled, if you chose to try to open or recompile a macro using one of the suggested solutions of messages 108105, 110119 or 124700.


Fixed a user interface glitch in the Holidays Manager whereby the comments added to a Holidays Set would not be saved if you immediately closed the dialog, without using the Close button (eg. by using the ESC or ALT+F4 keys).


Fixed a rare synchronization problem that occurred, only on dual-processor workstations, during the updating of the main window's clock and calendar, while one of the processors was running at close to 100% utilization (this usually happens during scanning or generating). (Mayland 1/7/2005)


Fixed a user interface glitch whereby data-contributor users could not modify the Astronomical Calculations Preferences used on their workstation. (Letts, 30/6/2005)


If you used a rule above/below offset expressed as a percentage in the GenTokens paragraph formatting, then the value you specified was not being saved. This is now fixed, although we still recommend the use of specific units such as millimeters, inches or points, rather than percentages. (Letts, 29/6/2005)


If the allowed range of values for one of the macros directives was exceeded, a generic application error message dialog was displayed. A more friendly and informative dialog is now displayed giving you information as to the source of the problem in your macro code (this is usually due to exceeding the range of allowed values for MAX_NUM_ITERATIONS or MAX_STRING_LENGTH). (Mayland, 24/6/2005).



June 21, 2005 (build 11200)


New and Improved


Made the behavior of kerning in Saras match more closely what users would expect. Now, if you specify that you want to search for the string 23 and replace it by itself kerned by a given amount, then the kerning is applied to all the characters except the last one, so that the string found is not kerned to the following characters. In the case when the string to be kerned is made up of only one character, then the behavior remains the same as in the past (ie. that single character is kerned to the following character, allowing one to specify the kerning of 1 to kern all values from 10-19, for example).


The planetary data exportation now also calculates the times when any of the planets (and the Sun and the Moon) are closest to, and furthest from the Earth, as well as the dates and times when the Sun and Moon reach maximal and minimal transit altitude. In addition, there is a new series of ephemeris functions that can be used to write macros that calculate and display ephemeris data such as conjunction, opposition, nearness, extremal distances from Earth, ...


There is a new type of Box Fit Token. This improved version lets you specify that the box should be increased in one direction until a certain size is reached ad, optionally, then in another direction until another size is reached (for example increase to the left until the box is 20mm and then down by 8pts until the box is 15mm high). The old token is still available, but we recommend that you use the new one which is more powerful and is the only one which will be improved in the future.


The code that manages Application Errors has been overhauled and improved. The detection of the source of an error is now much better, and it also detects any freezing behavior. If Q++Studio stops responding, or "hangs", for more than 60 seconds, this will be detected and you will be able to exit the program gracefully (as well as providing me with a detailed description of the origin of the freeze). Finally, the Application Error dialog box now has a Mail Error Report button that lets you automatically send the bug report and a screen shot of your computer, just before the error occurred.


Improved the user-friendliness of the messages you get if you enter values that exceed the allowed range of values in any of the spinEdit controls of the Saras Editor.


Added 2 new minicalendar modifiers :L and :R which correspond to the left and right halves of the month when a month is split into 2 minicalendars, using the special tabs dialog.Q++Studio now automatically generates only the correct number of dates on the left and right minicalendars to match the beginning date and maximum date based on the special tabs dialog.


Fixed and Corrected


Improved the manner in which Q++Studio reports to you that QuarkXPress has crashed during scanning. Since QuarkXPress crashes during scanning are extremely rare when using QuarkXPress version 4 and above, this code had not been changed in over 5 years, and was really only designed to deal with the crashes of QuarkXPress 3.


Fixed an exceedingly rare bug whereby the calculation of the Moon always above/below the horizon would indicate that the Moon was above the horizon on the very first day or very last day when it began to remain under the horizon, if the apparent altitude of the Moon was over 8 minutes of arc, but the true altitude was less than 8 minutes of arc, and the maximal altitude of the Moon on that day occurred around noontime. This was the case for Trondheim (Norway) on January 28, 2006. (Moestue, 10/6/2005).


Fixed a bug whereby Saras failed when applied to text positioned after an anchored box, in any textbox where the anchored textbox was the first character of the textbox, and where there was no text in the textbox after the text to be Saraed (Mayland, 8/6/2005).


Fixed a bug whereby the capitalization of the minicalendar weekday names (the $$, $a, $b, ... tokens) would follow the capitalization options of the first language of the diary (ie. the capitalization for $b, $c, $d, ... would use the capitalization options of the language referred to by $a). This problem was never noticed before because it was only noticeable if the first language of a script was a language whose capitalization options were set to No Capitalization, a rare setting (Letts, 7/6/2005).


Fixed a bug, whereby the first characters that were used to apply some shading would have their font names reset to the font of the default style sheet (usually Arial). This happened in features such as in minicalendar paragraph formatting or in one-line minicalendars special tabs. This bug only occurred under QuarkXPress 6 (Ajasto, 2/6/2005).


Fixed a bug which would only occur in rare cases, whereby a weekly minicalendar band would be group deleted rather than simply deleted as requested. This bug was usually not noticed as there is seldom a reason to group a minicalendar weekly bank with another object, and yet not want that other object to be deleted when the band itself is deleted (Ajasto, 30/5/2005).



May 16, 2005 (build 11144)


New and Improved


When a design-time message refers to a specific Macro Index, then clicking on that message to open the Macros Options dialog pre-selects the corresponding macro index (previously the first macro index would always be pre-selected regardless of the message used to open the dialog). Also, now, if you simply click on the Macro Options property in the properties inspector to open the Macros Options dialog, then no macro index is pre-selected (previously the first macro index would always be pre-selected often causing users to change the options of the wrong macro index).


The Distances Table export dialog now remains open after exporting a series of inter-cities distances to Excel, so that you may re-use and/or modify the selected cities and options to export again. currently the dialog closes after exportation and all cities and options must be re-selected.


The list of all the Dashes, Stripes and Style Sheets defined in scanned GridTemplates is now available.


Fixed and Corrected


You can now use tables in your GridTemplates. Previously, if you tried to scan a grid that contained tables, you would get a fatal scanning error that your GridTemplate contained an unknown object of type 5. Note that tables are only available in in QuarkXPress 5 and 6 only. (Levent Ofset, 4/5/2005)


Fixed a glitch whereby the occurrence of an unknown token inside a minicalendar would generate dozens of spurious and misleading messages (Levent Ofset, 2/5/2005).


Fixed a bug whereby the weekly minical bands for a right-aligned and vertical minicalendar could appear incorrectly if the month had less than 6 weeks (Levent Ofset, 2/5/2005).


Fixed a bug whereby PlaceHolder scriptlines would not be properly generated under QuarkXPress versions 5 and 6 (Letts, 26/4/2005).


Fixed a bug in the calculation of the date to which a holiday with a conflict rule is moved if there is a holiday on the date where that holidays should be moved (Quo Vadis, 19/4/2005).


Fixed a glitch in the user interface of the Languages properties editor, whereby it was possible to click on the button used to move a language up and down in the list of languages, even if no language was currently selected (EDICA, 14/4/2005).


Fixed a bug in the Slogans Set Properties dialog, whereby any change of the Display Font would not be saved, if there was no font specified for the Symbol Font. This bug was not noticed by any users before, because it only happened if you tried to change the display font (setting the display font the first time worked correctly).



April 12, 2005 (build 11106)


New and Improved


If a recurring holiday in the Holidays Manager does not have a name, then a special marker is displayed to clearly identify the fact that there is a holiday, but that it does not have a name.


Added a new option to allow you to specify a separator to be used between multiple holidays that may occur on the same date in the Saints Options. This allows you to separate the saints from the holidays with one separator, and the holidays amongst themselves with another separator.


Added a new scanning warning to inform you if none of the tokens on one of the pages of a GridTemplate have a DayValue. This could cause weird dates to be displayed in the Script Preview (although the generated output was always correct).


Added a new Holidays Display Option, for holiday symbols: Break-up equally if too long. This option can be used to tell Q++Studio to try to break the string of symbols into 2 roughly equal substrings, if the string is too long to fit on a single line, and leaves orphaned symbols on the second line.


Added a new pair of filler delimiters; the characters ` and ^. This new choices will help avoid the conflicts that sometimes occurred between the filler delimiters, and the text that was to be used, such as / and -.


You are now warned if any script line Options refer to fonts which are not installed on your workstation.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a glitch in the Saints Manager interface, whereby an error would occur if you tried to change either of the Muslim Calendar, Sun data source or Moon data source used by the current Holidays Set (EDICA, 12/4/2005).


Fixed a bug in the Saints Options whereby a user could check the Use Holidays Rules below with Saints option (to specify that Saints would be overridden by recurring holidays), without having specified which Holidays Set to use for the recurring holidays. This led to the appearance of text such as Marker that holidays were generated for year yyyy (Simancas, 5/4/2005).


Sometimes, the conversion of holidays symbols (using the [â] token, for example) could miss some symbols, particularly if some of the characters of the symbol font used were the same as some of the characters used as separators between each individual symbol. The code that sorts, filters and separates individual holidays symbols has now been made more robust and such (rare) issues should not occur anymore (Letts, 18/3/2005).


The runaround settings of any object on the GridTemplates was being removed during page copying. This is now fixed; any runaround present in the original QuarkXPress GridTemplate will now be present in the output file (Letts, 18/3/2005).



March 16, 2005 (build 11083)


New and Improved


Q++Studio now accepts and correctly identifies macro tokens that are used for the text to be displayed to the left or right of each holiday in Multiple Holidays Options.


The :HidTok minicalendar modifier lets you specify that tokens inside a minicalendar should be handled according the the Monthly Outside Days options (by default, tokens inside a minicalendar are not affected by that option).


You can now import graphics paths from Excel into Slogans sets.


It is now possible, using the :du minicalendar modifier, to specify that a minicalendar has a duration of more than 1 month. This is useful, for example to display 3 months running.


It is now possible to specify that current days, weeks or months in a minicalendar should have specific paragraph formatting (such as rules above/below).


The :Top12 Minicalendar Modifier can be used to display the first and/or second days of the month on the same line as the month name, when the month has 6 partial weeks.


It is possible for the Moon to rise or set or transit twice in the same day. The occurrence of a double-moonrise, double-moonset, or double Moon transit is now identified and displayed when exporting Moon data, and when converting moonrise/set/transit tokens. The occurrence of double-sunrises and double-sunsets was previously identified when exporting Sun data, but not displayed when converting sunrise tokens and sunset tokens. This omission has now been corrected and the conversion of sunrise and sunset tokens will show the occurrence of double-sunrises and double-sunsets. Double solar transits never occur.


Fixed and Corrected


Added some code to generate a more user-friendly error message if you accidentally tried to refer to the zero-eth Moon or Sun data source (by using a token such as [szn0], for example).


The option to let Q++Studio generate an output filename automatically now generates a file name that takes into account the Include Languages Names in New Script Names settings used in your Preferences (previously all the languages used in the script would be added to the generated filename, regardless of these options).


The tool palettes that were open in QuarkXPress 6, before scanning or diary generation, were not being restored afterwards (ie. all tool palettes were hidden, the next time you launched QuarkXPress). This is now fixed. The problem only occurred with QuarkXPress 6.


The embedded bitmap preview in generated EPS files were not being generated. This is now fixed.


Macro tokens used in the context of Embedded Tokens DayValues minicalendar modifiers are now correctly identified. Also, tokens placed in textboxes with minicalendars that use these modifiers are now subject to the expected Monthly Outside Days options (previously they would never be deleted, even if the corresponding option was set).


Fixed a condition under which QuarkXPress could remain invisible when Inspecting the results of diary generation or Saras.


Fixed potential infinite loop when using a 7 days on 1 page grid.



February 15, 2005 (build 11023)


New and Improved


Added 2 new macros system variables: b_ParentMinicalIsCurrent and n_ParentMinicalWeekStart. These make it easier to highlight macro tokens inside a minicalendar, to indicate that the current minicalendar is current or belongs to the current spread.


It is now possible to also use script line copying for Book Format, International, and Pre-Processing and Post-Processing script lines.


A new property and diary generation option, XNT Temp Files, can be used to get around some problems with QuarkXPress 6 failing to close properly after a successful diary generation.


Changed the sorting order of Template Names and Quark File Paths in the Templates Explorer, so that the text comparison used to sort would not be case sensitive (ie. c:\QxdFiles\client\ would be sorted as being the same as C:\QxdFiles\CLIENt\).


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a glitch in the user interface, whereby the minicalendar preview of the $$ markers would not show as lowercase, if the option to have no uppercase letters was selected. This was only a problem in the preview; the output was generated correctly.


Fixed a bug whereby SARAs containing kerning would not be processed properly for any text to the right of an anchored textbox.


Fixed a bug whereby the Everyday option used to display the [sab] Sun all day above/below the horizon token would be triggered even when a sunrise and/or sunset did occur.


Fixed a bug whereby Q++Studio would not save the font size and font shade percent specified in the special formatting used for the minutes settings in Sun and Moon Options.


Fixed a minor bug whereby, when a new DiaryGridLine was created, Q++Studio would ignore the Sun all day above/below horizon and Moon all day above/below horizon options values specified in the Moon and Sun Options section of Preferences.


Fixed a bug in the evaluation of the [mab] Moon All Day Above/Below Horizon which occurred on dates when there was no rising and no setting of the Moon, and also no transit of the Moon (ie. a transit occurred the previous day around 23:30 and then the next day around 00:30). In these rare cases, which happen seldom and only at very high latitudes, the [mab] token would always indicate that the Moon was all day below the horizon, even though it could just as well be all day above the horizon. Note that the similar-looking [sab] Sun All Day Above/Below Horizon token was not affected by this bug since solar transit always occurs somewhere in the middle part of the day, never around 00:30 or 23:30, as is the case for the Moon.



January 12, 2005 (build 10969)


New and Improved


The manual, and sometimes tedious, process of installing or reinstalling Q++Studio on a Q++Studio Server or a Q++Studio Workstation is now a thing of the past. We have developed a set of installation programs, one for the server and one for workstations, that fully automate the installation process. Registered users will soon receive a CD-ROM containing these installers by mail. Please contact us if you have not received your CD by the end of January, or if you need it more urgently (the 2 installers total 390 MB so they cannot be downloaded from our web site).


There are new typographic options available in the text formatting dialog that is used throughout Q++Studio to specify that various elements (eg. in Minicalendars) should be formatted differently. The new typographic options are: kerning, baseline shift, tracking, horizontal scale, and vertical scale.


The Diary Generation options dialog has been redone to make it less daunting in appearance, and to remove some options that no longer serve any purpose.


Improved the user friendliness of the dialogs related to the conversion of QuarkXPress files to EPS, and reviewed all the help topics that relate to these conversions and the tokens used in these conversions.


Important update of the on-line documentation. Most of the topics that were still under construction have now been filled-in, and the topics that related to features that had changed have now been updated to reflect those changes. We suggest that you download and update your help files.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed a non-blocking error that would occur when modifying the default Execution Options in the Preferences dialog, if no script was currently opened in the script editor.


Other Years


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