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Q++Studio Release Notes 2021

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This topic contains the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of Q++Studio in 2021.


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.


December 31, 2021  (XV4 build 23152)


Q++Studio supports the upcoming new version of QuarkXPress, QuarkXPress 2022, whose official release has been announced for early January 2022, as well as all other QuarkXPress versions from QuarkXPress 8 to QuarkXPress 2021, inclusively.


Added the option to include, or not, ignored holidays when copying recurring holidays between holidays sets.

Changed the severity of the handling of InDesign Saras encountering textboxes containing multiple tables.

When using the holiday rule wizard, the copied rule now only overwrites the rule part of the current recurring holiday, and leaves untouched elements such as observance, exceptions, conflicts, weekday rules, and offsets.


Some of the more recent holidays display and holidays multiple options were not being applied to sequential holiday name tokens and conditional holiday name tokens (JMata, 20-dec-2021).

Fixed the spurious appearance of message 185310 in InDesign documents containing text variables (JMata, 17-dec-2021).

Using one of the template colors to change a textbox's background or frame did not work (16-dec-2021).

Fixed a small memory leak when applying template colors to a textbox's background or frame (16-dec-2021).

After deleting a recurring holiday, the label displaying the number of holidays in the set would not be updated immediately (13-dec-2021).

Fixed a buffer overrun when scanning InDesign documents containing more than 1024 characters in a textbox (Diarpell, 2-dec-2021).


November 30, 2021  (XV4 build 23117)


Q++Studio supports the latest version of InDesign 2022 (version 17.0.1), as well as all other InDesign versions from InDesign 2020 to InDesign 2022, inclusively.

You can now use the 2 types of automated kerning available in InDesign, namely Metrics kerning (based on the design of the font maker) or Optical (where InDesign tries to find the optimal kerning for each character pair visually), wherever kerning settings are available (macros, saras, and text formatting).


Added a scanning warning to alert you to damaged internal sizes in InDesign documents that have been re-sized.

The scanning of templates now records the layer on which each object is, as well as the group box to which it belongs if it is grouped, so that any zap layer or group delete instructions can be skipped for all objects on the same layer and/or in the same group.

The speed of generation, and the size of the final output file, have been optimized, for very large InDesign scripts.

You can now conveniently specify the IDs of the 2 holidays sets and 2 holidays IDs to use with German working days in month tokens from within the Data preferences.

You can now have different IDs to use with German working days in month tokens, depending on the database that you are connecting to, if your workstation is part of a multi-database or multi-site setup.


Anchored boxes inside a group would not be included in InDesign scans (23-nov-2021).

The no duplicates option would not work with the uppercase version of the holiday name token (Brunnen, 8-nov-2021).


October 31, 2021  (XV4 build 23052)


Q++Studio supports the new version of InDesign, InDesign 2022 (version 17.0), as well as all other InDesign versions from InDesign 2020 to InDesign 2022, inclusively.

Q++Studio supports the latest version of QuarkXPress 2021 (version 17.0.1),as well as all other QuarkXPress versions from QuarkXPress 8 to QuarkXPress 2021, inclusively.

Q++Studio supports Windows 11.

Added support for the Skew and Text Leading attributes of InDesign.


The holidays manager is now displayed reduced in height for screens with a low vertical resolution (below 1200 pixels).

When using drag/drop to copy or move scriptlines, you now have the option to copy or move the selected scriptline as well as all its children.

The XY values mentioned in message 180975 are now in page coordinates rather than in pasteboard coordinates, and the tolerance, before this message is issued, has been raised to differences that exceed 20 fixed units, or approximately one ten thousandth of a millimeter.

Changed the severity of message 185320 to a simple warning (it is still not a good idea to have linked boxes in info pages, when using InDesign, as it will slow down diary generation).

Improved the handling of nested groups in InDesign (however, warning 178240 will still be issued for any template that contains nested groups, because nested groups are never a good idea).

Added message 186210 to warn you if you are trying to use leading as a paragraph attribute in InDesign.

Added menus items for the 2 most common solutions to message 186030.


Fixed issues with font names in InDesign that contain diacriticals (Brepols, 28-oct-2021)..

Some InDesign scanning errors were not being displayed (Brepols, 27-oct-2021).

In some special cases, it was not possible to delete a DiaryGridLine that included Insert ScriptLines (Diarpell, 22-oct-2021).

Fixed a UI glitch in the physical sections editor, whereby the label of the output file width referred to height instead (21-oct-2021).

The main program updater would not install a backup copy of the latest version of QuarkXPress xtensions and InDesign plug-ins into the server's setup folder (20-oct-2021).

Fixed a display glitch whereby recurring holidays would appear in the wrong position in the list of recurring holidays, if that rule was based on a Muslim calendar and used a date offset which took the rule to either before the 1st of the month or the 30th of the month. This glitch only affected the order in which the recurring holidays were listed in the Q++Studio user interface, and had no effect on the actual calculated dates (19-oct-2021).

Using the F2 key after converting a script, without saving the converted script, would leave that script as an unusable stump (Lecas, 13-oct-2021).

The display name of plain info pages would not be updated immediately when using EFS to automatically update all missing files (13-oct-2021).

Fixed some minor memory leaks when a file selection dialog was canceled (13-oct-2021).


September 30, 2021  (XV4 build 22975)


Q++Studio supports the latest version of InDesign 2020 (version 15.1.4), as well as all other InDesign versions from InDesign 2020 to InDesign 2021, inclusively.

Added overprint options to text formatting, paragraph formatting, and textbox background fill and textbox framing, including for macros and saras, when using InDesign.


Loosened the requirement that Visual C++ 2010 run-times should be installed, in recognition of the fact that the versions of QuarkXPress that still require VC++2010 (QuarkXPress 8-2015) are rarely used nowadays, and that none of the supported InDesign versions require them.

The indent from left and indent from right values of rules above/below can now be negative, for scripts that use InDesign.

Added the "none" color to the list of colors extracted from templates by InDesign, and implemented the fact that the "none" color can be applied to text in InDesign, as opposed to QuarkXPress, in which it is impossible to apply the "none" color to text.

Added message 186180 to warn you that recent changes to the postscript font names override file require re-starting Q++Studio or refreshing the list of installed fonts.


Fixed the spurious appearance of message 180720 when using QuarkXPress, since overprinting was added to the InDesign options (30-sep-2021).

Fixed a UI glitch whereby the dialog captions of the text formatting editors of the 24/31 native formatting editor would refer to 23 and 30 rather than 24 and 31.

The synchronization of worldwide public holidays would require two passes, for new public holidays that contained holiday name variations.

Added code to get around a bug of InDesign 2020 and 2021, whereby the text attributes of the second token of a series of 2 tokens would be the incorrect attributes, if the 2 tokens were not separated by any space, but also not located at the beginning of a textbox (JMata, 7-sep-2021).

Some of the diary generation error and warning messages issued by older versions of QuarkXPress (versions 4-5-6-7) would not be parsed properly (Eagle Press, 6-sep-2021).


August 31, 2021  (XV4 build 22916)


Q++Studio supports the latest version of InDesign 2021 (version 16.4), as well as all other InDesign versions from InDesign 2020 to InDesign 2021, inclusively.

Added the option open pdf output, a new diary generation option, which automatically opens the PDF version of the generated diary.


Expanded the help topic for message 181585 to better explain how to fix the issue causing this message.

The maximum number of cells in an InDesign table, to allow token processing and SARAs, has been increased to 1000.


When using saras with InDesign, right-align tabs would not be processed (JMata, 23-aug-2021).

The desktop shortcut for the new Q++Studio documentation was not being created correctly by the Q++Studio software updater (JMata, 20-aug-2021).

Serious scanning messages such as message 185680 are now handled more smoothly (JMata, 17-aug-2021).


July 31, 2021  (XV4 build 22879)


The official Quark support for QuarkXPress 2019 ended on July 31, 2021. As usual, Q++Studio will keep supporting older versions of QuarkXPress for as many years as possible (we currently support QuarkXPress versions, from 8 to 2021).

Added the current page only option to the current day mini-calendar font formatting options, to specify special formatting of mini-calendar dates that belong to the page in which the mini-calendar is placed.


Added message 186030 to prevent the combined use of the diary generation options use main grid as seed and facing pages, with an InDesign template containing an odd number of pages.


Fixed the spurious appearance of message 183060 (30-july-2021).

Fixed a few UI glitches, in the main window, that would occur when only using InDesign, and QuarkXPress not being installed, on a workstation (Alpha, 20-july-2021).

When using drag-drop to copy a scriptline witin a script, the text values used for the holiday name/symbol/abbreviation left and right wrappers and separators would not be copied over to the new scriptline (Brunnen, 15-july-2021).

Opening the preferences dialog would generate an error message, if there was no version of InDesign set on your workstation (Brunnen, 15-july-2021).

Applying saras with regular expressions to empty table cells would fail in InDesign (Alpha, 14-july-2021).

Many of the warnings related to the use of unavailable fonts or unavailable colors in weekday header formatting would only be issued if the minicalendar was a one-line minicalendar (10-july-2021).

Fixed a minor UI bug whereby checking or un-checking the box controlling the text stroking, text background shading or text framing of saras would not set the currently selected sara as modified (7-july-2021).


June 30, 2021  (XV4 build 22819)


Q++Studio supports the new version of QuarkXPress (QuarkXPress 2021), released on June 29, 2021,as well as all other QuarkXPress versions from QuarkXPress 8 to QuarkXPress 2021, inclusively.

The XV4 version of Q++Studio supports the latest version of InDesign 2021 (version 16.3), as well as all other InDesign versions from InDesign 2020 to InDesign 2021, inclusively.


The calculation of the page number and page side tokens is now adjusted to reflect the deletion of any pages which may occur as the result of zap tokens, conditional tokens, or macro tokens.


Improperly formed special characters could cause Q++Studio to go into an infinite loop (Brunnen, 29-june-2021).

When selecting to update all missing templates and/or all missing info pages, the missing info pages would sometimes remain, even after all the missing files' paths had been updated (23-june-2021).

The PDF file format was missing from the default full list of QuarkXPress and InDesign compatible file formats in the image selection dialog, and the PDF file format needed to be selected directly (JMata, 19-june-2021).


May 31, 2021  (XV4 build 22755)


Q++Studio supports the latest version of InDesign 2021 (version 16.2), as well as all other InDesign versions from InDesign 2020 to InDesign 2021, inclusively.

Added the possibility of specifying default bleed and slugs document values to new scripts in the InDesign preferences.


The Output button of the diary generation status dialog is now focused at the end of diary generation, so that you can simply press the ENTER key to open the output file.

Relaxed the conditions under which message 176075 is issued. This message is now only issued if the GenTokens Options related to that token include the formatting or Xtags paragraph line endings.

Added and documented support for special character markers that are specific to InDesign.

Overhaul of the stand-alone saras user interface as well as important performance gains when accessing files across a network.


The worldwide public holidays updater would clear the moon data sets and sun data sets used by individual holidays (Brunnen, 21-may-2021).

The box delete minicalendar date formatting was not working as specified in the documentation (2-may-2021).


April 30, 2021  (XV4 build 22698)


Added a new diary generation options to specify how the bleed and slugs document values of InDesign output files are set.

Q++Studio supports the latest version of QuarkXPress 2020 (version 16.3.2),as well as all other QuarkXPress versions from QuarkXPress 8 to QuarkXPress 2020, inclusively.


The use of SARAs to insert a PDF was not fully implemented; the page number would always be 1, and the PDF box would always be the media box.


March 31, 2021  (XV4 build 22620)


Added the new Open PDF files with preferences setting to work around the Windows 10 bug which resets the Edge web browser as the software launched, when double-clicking on a PDF file, rather than accept any attempt at using Adobe Acrobat to open PDF files.

Added the new scale to fill option to the conversion of a textbox to a picture box in macros results and saras results, when using QuarkXPress 2019, and above, or InDesign.

Initial release of the version of the XV4 version of Q++Studio with InDesign support.


The title and label of the OK button of all the open and save file dialogs have been reviewed and they are now more descriptive and appropriate to each case where they are used.

The new message 185555 warns you of spurious modifiers in a holiday token, usually due to an incorrectly formed duration modifier.

The full version number of QuarkXPress or InDesign used in diary generation is now being logged.

The list of saras now displays the index of each sara in the currently displayed sara set. This is useful, particularly when dealing with very large SaraSets, when addressing messages such as messages 110016 and 181805 which refer to a specific sara index.


Since February 2020, default international and diary grid preferences would not be applied to newly created script lines, once a script was saved once (Brunnen, 30-mar-2021).

Some minor attributes would not be copied when copying a script from within the Scripts Explorer (Alpha Edition, 17-mar-2021).


February 28, 2021  (XV4 build 22529)


Q++Studio supports the latest version of QuarkXPress 2020 (version 16.3),as well as all other QuarkXPress versions from QuarkXPress 8 to QuarkXPress 2020, inclusively.

Q++Studio supports the latest version of QuarkXPress 2019 (version 15.2.5),as well as all other QuarkXPress versions from QuarkXPress 8 to QuarkXPress 2020, inclusively.

Q++Studio supports the latest version of InDesign 2021 (version 16.1), as well as all other InDesign versions from InDesign 2020 to InDesign 2021, inclusively.


Added a popup menu to the xml script viewer and the xml scripts editor, to conveniently copy any of the identifiers of the current node, to the search bar, to find all similar script lines, or script line properties or even options of a specific value, and then easily access any of them.

Added the design-time message 185250 to warn you if if the saras property associated with a diary grid line or the book format script line refers to a saraset which has been deleted.


Fixed a bug whereby some of the scanning messages of QuarkXPress Pages and InDesignPages would not be issued, if the only difference between the date-time of the last scan, and the date-time of the current file on disk, was due to an hour summer versus winter time difference (23-feb-2021).

Fixed some UI glitches whereby some of the spin value controls of the macros resulting text style actions and SARAs were displaying as active, even when deactivated (02-feb-2021).


January 31, 2021  (XV4 build 22478)


Added a new native formatting method of displaying 23/30 and 24/31 combined dates in minicalendars, which is supported by both QuarkXPress and InDesign.

The Q++Studio desktop documentation has been migrated from the legacy CHM format (last updated by Microsoft in 1998) to the eWriter format, a single-file embedded version of the WebHelp format with its full table of contents and user interface.


The Log Viewer now remains active even when another modal dialog is being displayed (for example, during diary generation, it is now possible to refresh the log as displayed in the Log Viewer).

The new message 185185 now informs you if there is a problem with the zip file containing the related QuarkXPress, InDesign and PDF files, and places that zip file in a folder for you to open manually at the end of script importation.

The new message 185180 now alerts you if the file selected during script importation is not a proper exported migration file.

The database of worldwide public holidays that is included in Q++Studio has been extended to cover the following Indian States and Union Territories: Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, Lakshadweep, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura. The database of worldwide public holidays that is included in Q++Studio now covers all 28 States and 8 Union Territories of India.


The color macros would be ignored when used as part of the display settings for minicalendar week numbers,minicalendar weekdays, or minicalendar week bands (Lecas, 26-jan-2021).

The Clear All Settings response option to message 175365 would only partially clear settings, and these settings would only be fully cleared when the script was saved (JMata, 26-jan-2021).

The script exportation results log would be blank if script exportation was performed more than once in a session (20-jan-2021).

Fixed a bug in the enumeration of installed fonts for screen fonts that were accessible by InDesign, but not by QuarkXPress (13-jan-2021).

If QuarkXPress or InDesign was open before Q++Studio was launched, then the rescan current template button and menu would be de-activated until you tried to generate for the first time (JMata, 11-jan-2021).

Fixed a bug in the calculation of recurring holidays based on the Bhutanese, Burmese, Mongolian and Tibetan lunar calendars, which would begin at the very end of December, and last for many days, into January. Concretely, this only applied to some of the public holidays of the Indian state of Sikkim (Tesla, 01-jan-2021).


Other Years


See also: release notes of the current year and release notes of other years.



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